Gold Wolf Galaxy & Death By Stars @ The Back Bar

Gold Wolf Galaxy

Spencer was born in the electronic world. Johnny Roger was born in the metal world. Together, they make music that sounds like Blondie jamming with Mastodon and Justice while Goldfrapp mixes cocktails onboard a disco-party-battleship in outerspace. And everybody is dancing. And everybody looks like David Bowie. And everybody is thinking of lip gloss and laser beams.

Death By Stars

In 1997 a boy named Patrick met a girl named Cherry. In 2007 they met a fellow traveler of the cosmos, Juan El Revelator. They became the closest of companions, writing dope beats for the universe to sing to. This is an invasion story…

Electro-Psychedelic 3-piece Death By Stars (Tacoma, WA) have quickly gained a reputation as one of the busiest bands in the Northwest. With stops in Tacoma, Seattle, Portland, Bellingham, and Olympia, the band has no plans to slow down. “We have to play shows or we feel a little dead inside,” quipped singer/guitarist Patrick Galactic. The band also found time to self-release their debut single, “Le Voyeur” in September.

Death By Stars was formed in 2010 by long-time friends and collaborators, Patrick Galactic, Cherry Danger, and Juan El Revelator. All had been involved in previous bands and art projects. Their shared love of Bowie, Radiohead, Massive Attack, Velvet Underground and Wire brought them close. Their commitment to the art brought them closer. Incorporating electronics, sampled drums and sequencers, they set out to make the perfect beat. When combined with highly volatile fuzz and waves of echo the end result is akin to Daft Punk, Suicide, Depeche Mode and The Stooges having a barroom brawl at a ballroom banquet.

In addition to a breakneck concert schedule, Death By Stars have been featured in Tacoma’s Weekly Volcano, have received steady internet radio airplay. “It’s an exciting time,” said Cherry Danger. “We have no idea where we’ll be this time next year, but that’s the fun part.” Two years later and many gigs in, Death By Stars are hitting their stride and making the most of every opportunity.

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