Formed in Edmonton, Alberta in 1982 SNFU is one of Canada's longest running punk bands. While the band's line up is in constant flux the group has been anchored by vocalist Mr. Chi Pig and brother guitarist Brent and Marc ("Muc") Belke. Originally an acronym for Society's No Fucking Use, SNFU was initially comprised Chi Pig, the Belkes, bassist Warren Bidlock and drummer Evan "Tadpole" Jones. Over the years their rhythm section shifted from album to album, with around 17 people at one time or another serving time in the group.

SNFU's first two recorded output hit in 1985 with the BYO records released ...And No One Else Wanted to Play and If You Swear, You'll Catch No Fish. In the years since the band established themselves as a straight-ahead skate punk act with strongly political lyrics through a number of releases



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