The Tressels

American Midnight is the new release from Delaware County, PA, based band The Tressels, and is the 2nd part of the band’s proposed “American Trilogy” which began with last year’s “American Sunset“. American Midnight is produced by Lead Guitarist and founding member Brian “Big Dirty” Sarkisian, engineered by Dan & Bob McGlinchey, and mastered by Grammy award winning engineer Mike Tarsia (David Bowi...e, The Smithereens).

“Sunset” was a creative resurgence for this veteran band and its founders Big Dirty, Singer/Songwriter Andrew “Butch” Fullerton, and Percussionist Mickey Turner. With the addition of Bassist Brendan “Fuzz” Floyd, and Drummer “Time Bomb” Tom Giachero, the group perfected the sound they had developed over the past 7 years, an eclectic mix of Psychedelic Rock, Americana, & Power Pop. The record was immediately embraced by local press & radio, with the band earning the dubious distinction of “Best bar band in Delco”, from WXPN’s John Vettese. A title the band agrees is both hard-earned and well deserved.

For Butch and Big Dirty, American Midnight is a reflection on a life in the trenches of rock n’ roll. The pair began playing together 15 years ago, throughout high school, and through the majority of their twenties, playing smoky clubs and hellhole dives before they were old enough to drive, and they still take the stage with the same energy and enthusiasm they did when they were teenagers.

But the members of The Tressels are no longer teenagers. They live in different states, hold down full time jobs, raise families, and still slug it out in bars, because with any calling, there are sacrifices to be made. When The Tressels reached out to their fanbase to help contribute to a Kickstarter campaign to help finish American Midnight, the outpouring of generosity proved their sacrifices were not in vain, with several contributors choosing the “No Reward. I just want to help the project” option.

American Midnight comes along 15 years after Butch met Big Dirty in the Drexel Hill Middle School Jazz band room, 7 years after the band vowed to play only one gig and then break up, and less than a year after starting a new chapter with the American Trilogy, and as the title suggests, the night is just getting started

Butch-Lead Vocals,Guitar
Dirtman-Lead Guitar,Vocals
Matt Orlando-Drums,Vocals
Fuzz Floyd-Lead Bass,Vocals
Mickey Reds-Percussion,Vocals

Our Wrecked Machine

Five extremely old dudes from Delaware playing the shitty pop-punk music that they grew up listening to.
OWM started as a group of good friends who just wanted to write and play the style of music they grew up on. Influenced by bands like New Found Glory, Saves The Day, Fairweather, The Movielife, The Ataris, they set out to write pop punk they way they remembered. Currently, the band is focusing on writing and eventually recording a record.
Imagine 25 year old kids who refuse to fully grow up making music. Pop Punk mixed with rock.
Band Interests
Whiskey, PBR, and good music


Innoko is a groovy band from Newark, DE comprised of Jon Cohen, Andrew Connell, Chip Keever, Dan Keever, and Alton Haynes.

Chip Keever- Bass
Andrew Connell- Guitar/ vocals
Jon Cohen- Guitar
Dan Keever- Drums
Alton Haynes-percussion
Everyone- Back up vocals

Billy Bartz



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