The Vim Dicta, Echoes De Luxe

The Vim Dicta

Kevin Bronson has this to say about LA's The Vim Dicta. “There may be no rock ’n’ roll configuration more exhausted creatively than the power trio. Belters and shredders come and go, substituting bombast for vitality and technical showmanship for true musical dialogue. Which brings me to young L.A. trio the Vim Dicta, who have succumbed to none of the perils of cliché.”- See more below and at:

Echoes De Luxe

Combining their love of anthemic 70s arena rock with the incendiary spirit of Jane's Addiction, Echoes de Luxe mixes the best of the past with a progressive sensibility on sophomore EP Hold On. The truth is, it's difficult to pigeonhole the three piece collective. The seven tracks on Hold On run the gamut from soaring, arena-ready anthems to restrained slow burns, creating a listening experience that is simultaneously familiar and fresh, accessible yet challenging.



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