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Angie Atkinson

Southern-bred and Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter Angie Atkinson's music career began when her marriage ended and it seemed like it was time to do something new. Angie grew up in Mississippi, a city girl at heart who brought the country with her when she moved to New York in 2009. Angie combines her metropolitan sophistication with her grassroots realness to create an alt-prairie-pop-rock sound that is uniquely her own. Whether playing acoustically on her ukulele or with her powerhouse band of incredible musicians backing her, Angie's vocals and lyrics cut through the bull malarkey and straight to the heart. Also she looks pretty damn good in her Daisy Dukes.


Jumpers live in Brooklyn, NY, where they enjoy playing music and jumping on the couch, among other places. They are comprised of Fen Ikner (Calexico, Knife Crazy, Lips), Turner Stough (Tuff Sunshine, Bel Air) and Montreal-bred singer/songwriter Marie P. They are currently working on their first full-length album, which should see the light of day sometime this fall


anacortes was born out of a chance meeting between frontman/songwriter Shane Chapman, and drummer Ricky Watts at a street fair in Brooklyn. Shane needed a drummer to sub in for a Dolly Parton cover band set, and Ricky stepped up to the stage, given only the most basic direction. The chemistry was instantaneous, and the music that followed was seamless. Songs inspired by the quiet streets of NYC in a snow storm, and traveling back and forth to Shane's hometown as his dad battled cancer. anacortes is a journey that explores the gray lines of disaster and disease, and the joy that follows from no one having expectations of you.

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