In an era where the music industry is seeing an indescribable amount of new talent being met with an ever-shrinking amount of artist development, Quietdrive is consistently creating and distributing their music to those that matter most…the fans. Having been on a roller coaster that took Quietdrive charging up the Top 40 radio charts to their first independent release, the humble boys from Minneapolis, Minnesota have stood unwavering with their message: Get. Our Fans. Music. Having started off finding success in the pop/punk world, Quietdrive has longed to be appreciated for what they truly are: a timeless rock band. Their latest effort accomplishes that feat with exemplary marks. After more than 1400 shows, 3 vans and 3 records, Quietdrive is focusing on doing just that. On December 14th, fans can find Quietdrive's new self-titled album both online anywhere and in Best Buy stores across the country.This record is one that has struck a very sincere chord with the band. "This is the most honest story I have ever told since I started recording music," stated lead singer, Kevin Truckenmiller. Look for Quietdrive on tour in the Midwest after they come back from playing for the troops in Iraq/Afghanistan a 2nd time this winter.

Final Alibi

$8.00 - $10.00


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