Dave Devine has played across the US, UK and Europe, includ­ing with the Czars. He's per­formed with Ron Miles, Art Lande, Janet Feder, Elliott Sharp, Matt Wil­son, Greg Gar­ri­son, Scott Amen­dola, and has recorded with producer/engineer Steve Albini. He is/was a mem­ber of The Czars, Delby L, Grey­bird, Hate Camels, Sta­tic Trio, Momenterra, 9th and Lin­coln Orchestra.

Abandin Pictures

Abandin Pictures first met in their diapers. Jake Supple and Noah Pfaff grew up in New Jersey before moving out west to Colorado. In their youth they played music with Connor Birch. Having left for college and having greater musical direction than ever, they found drummer, Nick Berlin, and Bassist, Emerson Murphy. Since their formation in 2011, The band has released their first EP Orange You Glad? and is currently in the process of recording their first full length album. The stylistic development of Abandin Pictures' song writing is constantly reinventing itself just as the song writing process is.

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