Pythian Whispers

Pythian Whispers

Pythian Whispers is an experimental music project that didn't try to be anything in particular. Instead it ended up weaving together elements of noise, drone, ambient, atmospheric guitar rock, post-punk and shot it through with the outright weird. Making use of bent circuit devices, samples, loops, sequencers, guitar, bass, synths and drums, Pythian Whispers creates a rich tapestry of noise that comes off part art house horror movie soundtrack and part otherworldly sound collage. Our aim is to create music that soothes, inspires, terrifies and otherwise stimulates the imagination of the audience past the realm of the everyday and mundane.

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bios+a+ic is a producer, engineer, sound artist, and performer who soundtracks the modern world via construction and deconstruction of multi-layered digital and analog textures. He records, performs live, and d.j.'s a large variety of electronic music including world dance, trans-global, acid-jazz, ambient, dub-hop, noise, industrial, and experimental. Primary live source includes processed trumpet, vocals, samples, field recordings, and noise effects, with drum programs and real-time glitch loops.
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