Walking Spanish, Lungs and Limbs, Saffell

Walking Spanish

Walking Spanish is an original indie rock band with deep vintage vibes and a captivating modern edge. The band's lush and virtuosic instrumentation combine with poignant and poetic verse to bring an unseen world of dreams to the listener's ears. Acclaimed singer-songwriter Alexander Nelson brings his enchanting songs to life on vocals and guitar with Tim Picchi on bass, Patrick Picchi on drums and Tom Gunterman on violin.

Saffell Duo

When you see the stage set up; piano, bass and drums, you would never guess what a full, funky and fantastic sound is about to be produced by just these three. Saffell is a dynamic, original trio with singer/songwriter Saffell Sproul on keys/lead vocals, Doug Hafich on bass/back up vocals, and Bill O'Donnell on drums. The band resides in California's North Bay and is quickly building a loyal fan base.

These original songs sound fresh, brand new and yet timeless at the same time. Saffell's vocals have a wonderfully unique tone, recognizable and inviting. Doug Hafich brings it up a notch with well placed harmonies blending perfectly with Saffell. Saffell's attack on the piano is both funky and graceful bringing as much rhythm as it does melody. These songs defy easy classification while pulling from blues, funk, pop, and rock. The playing in both the drums and the bass are great examples of musicians playing exactly what is needed with excellent chops and effortless style.
They all work together for the song, each instrument making room for the other, yet still filling out their place perfectly in the overall groove.

The result of these three players coming together is a soulful, moving musical experience you won’t forget!

Lungs and Limbs

Lungs and Limbs are: Chris Casey, Matt Power, Nick Tudor, Karina Rousseau



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