New World Martyr

New World Martyr

The Third Degree

The Third Degree is the compilation of years of hard work, creativity, and the driving desire to bring an entirely different type of sound to the music scene that grabs a hold of you and never lets go!

Formed in early 2008, TTD has persevered through many trials and losses, which never stood in the way of their dream to create and deliver a new music sound to the local scene. With soaring guitars, driving bass riffs, high energy drum beats, haunting vocals, and hooks that will never come loose, TTD is ready to captivate audiences everywhere through their music and live stage presence.

With diverse influences from love won and lost, history, and the human psyche, TTD presents a dynamic, energetic, and colorful sound laced with catchy harmonies and gripping hooks.

Slight Return

Paying Tribute to Rock and Roll History


Three accomplished musicians came together to celebrate Jimi Hendrix and The Experience. Eventually branching out to Rock bands of the last 50 years


Paying Tribute to Rock an Roll History

Band Interests:

Reaching deep into your soul and keeping a finger on your heart

Artists We Also Like:

Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Robben Ford, Santana, Neil Young, Pearl Jam

Rue, the brainchild of current guitarist and vocalist Mitchel Rue Carson (18), Drummer Ty Wagner (18), and Pianist Andy Post (18), combines insatiable pop/rock rhythms with extraordinary acoustic acrobatics. Since its inception in the fall of 2009, the band has added three members and unearthed its sound that has culminated in the spring of 2012 release of their first EP, Alaska Pt. 1. The original members of the band brought on bassist Cale Wagner (15), guitarist and vocalist Alex Bacon (17) and most recently Saxophonist and keyboardist Max Bessesen (17) to form what constitutes Rue today.
Rue's amalgamation of different musicians from varied backgrounds provides each song with a unique twist. In songs off Alaska Pt. 1, like "Marching Song", "Dig In", and "Peaches" adeptly highlights the talents of each musician. Their ability to display such fluidity in their music represents the social dynamic of the group and cohesion this group has.
Drummer Ty Wagner says, "I am really excited for people to hear our music. I feel that it is a great representation of the band, and how hard each of us has worked".
The boys of Rue are your typical teenagers off the stage and out of the practice room - but as Guitarist and Vocalist Alex Bacon admits, "When we get to practicing, I know I can trust each one of the guys in the room and (…) I think that people will be able to hear that in our music".
Rue is able to bring together a blend of sounds that are difficult to find. Guitarist and Vocalist Mitchell Carson, who's symphonic sinusoidal lyrics mirror those of his music hero Dave Matthews says, "Dave is definitely an inspiration, so are guys like Mumford and Sons, and Tallest man on Earth. I like to think of those guys as sort of … music mentors; they can teach us". Rue's influence spawns from many of the down-to-earth, acoustic and pop/rock musicians like Young the Giant or Zach Heckendorf. Rue is able to gather lessons from these talented musicians and as Saxophonist and keyboardist Max Bessesen says, "make our own dope sound".
Currently Rue is playing shows across the front Range and plans to make a splash in 2012. If you can't get enough Rue or have any more questions, visit us on Facebook, Youtube or Email us at



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