Victoria Watts, Silly Heart, Elephant Protocol, The Cranberry Isles

Victoria Watts

Victoria was born and raised in San Diego, California. Coming from a musical family, Victoria had a love for music right from the very beginning. She began playing guitar when she was twelve years old and started writing music shortly after that. While growing as a musician throughout high school and college, Victoria played in a wide variety of venues with various groups. This gave her the opportunity to develop her skills at playing live music and collaborating with other artists. She later moved to Philadelphia to finish her degree, and since graduating has continued to delve into the music scene in that area. She now performs music full time in the band Element K. She also continues to work on her solo material. Her passion for singing everything that she wants to say will drive her to write and perform for as long as people will listen to her.

Silly Heart

Brought together while growing up in Bushkill, PA over a mutual love of cake and a subsequent joint membership in the "cake eaters club", Sean (George) and Sara have been friends for almost a decade. In early 2011, with Sean completing his Master's of Music at NYU and Sara finishing up her undergraduate degree, both members had decided that outside of academia, they needed a creative outlet. All it took from there was watching the movie Uncle Buck and being inspired to call themselves "Sillyheart". The band chooses to manifest this expression in style, and works to craft songs that blend heartfelt and sometimes silly lyrical themes with the sweet sound of the ukulele and auxiliary instruments.

Join us in this awkward/adorable journey that we lovingly call Sillyheart!

The Cranberry Isles

The Cranberry Isles is a four piece progressive indie rock band from West Chester, Pa

$7.00 - $9.00


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