Scarlett Hill CD Release - 'Wildfire' with Special Guests, Cold Heart Canyon

Scarlett Hill CD Release - 'Wildfire' with Special Guests, Cold Heart Canyon

“Passionate performers and true artists in every sense of the word,
Scarlett Hill is a singer/songwriter country duo poised to blaze a trail for a new generation of country music.

Storytellers wise beyond their years, Blake Mohler and Suzanne Dennis set out on a journey to write and perform their own music. They pursued their dreams for several years, playing in bands of all genres. Together, as Scarlett Hill, Blake and Suzanne realized they had something special and worked tirelessly to discover their true voice within Country Music.

The Folk, Rock, and Americana roots of Scarlett Hill shine through as they brilliantly deliver creative and intimate music arrangements and soul-stirring lyrics. They are also straight-up Country at times, weaving tales of the inevitable heartbreak and struggle of the human spirit and the rise and fall of love and life. Suzanne’s soft, and sometimes ‘sassy’ vocals, blend effortlessly with Blake’s soulful and raspy country twang, as they demand your attention with their exceptional musical talent and sweet harmonies.

As they release their upcoming album, ‘Wildfire’, Scarlett Hill takes a giant step on a journey that will surely open many doors to a bright future. The album as a whole is a roller coaster of emotions, with amazing instrument arrangements and deep, thought-provoking lyrics throughout. From the first track to the last, every song has a little unexpected twist. Blake and Suzanne swap lead vocals from song-to-song, keeping your listening experience fresh and exciting!

With a swampy beat and in-your-face vocals, the song 'Wildfire’ kicks it off with a bang and leaves you wanting more! With ‘Gasoline’ and 'Whiskey’, you’ll find yourself singing along with the clever hooks as they deliver an undeniable ‘Country’ vibe. ‘Window Panes’, ‘Love You Right’, and ‘Give It Up’ will have you reaching for a tissue and melting into the intensity of the stories told.

You will fall in love with this duo as soon as you hear the first note on Scarlett Hill's ‘Wildfire’!

Don’t miss Scarlett Hill’s CD Release show at Steve’ Live Music in Sandy Springs - August 1st 2015. Check the website for upcoming performances and catch a live show soon. You’ll be glad you did!”

Rhonda Lashbrooks
Producer / BrooksTone Studios

$10.00 - $30.00


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