Long Beach's Crystal Antlers plough a similar furrow to fellow west coast psych-freaks Comets On Fire but reach enough velocity to give the likes of Fucked Up, who they recently toured with, a run for their money. While they've garnered many comparisons to Les Savy Fav, they cast a net far and wide over folk, garage and even the fashionable end of the prog spectrum. Their new album Two-Way MIrror is in stores July 19th via their own Recreation LTD label!

“Media outside our state tend to focus on weird and abrasive bands like Destruction Unit and Gay Kiss as being representative of the Sonoran region (they really like the word ‘Sonoran’), and that’s fair. We live in a place that is, by nature of climate and sociology, fairly weird and abrasive. But those bands have a sense of urgency. St Ranger doesn’t, and they feel just as Sonoran because of it. ‘You don’t have to try so hard,’ the band says repeatedly in a song of the same name. It’s a fitting mantra for feeling powerless against the summer heat, succumbing to jumping in a pool or day-drinking or doing both at the same time.

…But watching them Friday, I felt as if I was watching a bizarro version of the local band Diners. It was like what would happen if that band decided to invest in a bunch of pedals and only do slow jams. I am not saying this in any way to cheapen what St Ranger does, only to point out convergent and divergent evolutions of local guitar-driven pop bands that all probably share Pet Sounds as a common influence.”

-Phoenix NewTimes on St Ranger live


Instructions is a five piece band playing in the East Valley Area of Phoenix AZ.

$10.00 - $12.00


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