Blac Jesus & The Experimentalists

Blac Jesus & The Experimentalists

Blac Jesus and the experimentalists hail from Pomona, California. The band consists of four members: Bassist, Francisco Morales; Drummer, Daniel Fernandez; Saxophonista, Brian Perske; and Guitar/Vocalist, Runson Willis.
The band formed back in 2010 through the convergence of four individuals on their various walks of life. It was the product of a musical journey that began with the loss of a guitar and a long downfall into depression and guilt. It is more so a story of redemption, as almost 8 months later, Runson would be led to find a guitar stashed at a house for sale. Through which Willis was reborn into the world of music, naming his guitar "Blac Jesus" in honor of the one that had saved him. The experimentalists are those who have answered the call and venture to see this vocation to its end.
Blac Jesus & the Experimentalists, try to connect and inspire through their music, playing with their souls and talking about life and struggle. Their message can be likened to travelers who are on the pilgrimage through the valley of desolation. Stopping to reach out and provide living water to those who have grown weary, lost, and defeated. Attempting to provide springs and bring life to the valley of dust and bone. "Since day one, God has been there to guide us to this point. So I thank him for readying us." says Willis.

May McDonough & Company

May McDonough & Co.’s story sounds a little like that abstract French film you saw once in college. You know there is a theme buried somewhere just out of grasp, and yet the bizarre imagery and odd characters leave you feeling a bit confused, a bit cultured, perhaps a bit enlightened, but mostly just exhausted. May McDonough is the first born child of a couple of private investigators who met on the job in the late seventies. May’s father started his own private investigations bureau, and May’s mother (who was known as Digger around the office) had just left her job taming (yes!) lions, tigers, and elephants at an animal park.

Stemming from such unique individuals as these, May was born to be a wild card. Her life is almost as intriguing as her parents, if not more so. In her own words, “I seem to be a magnet for strange events that are so unbelievable; i just look like a fantastical liar.”

May McDonough & Co. allude to these concepts, cryptically hinting at various disasters, deaths, bastard siblings, homeless trials, and somewhat bizarre worlds of selfexploration. However, it’s the psychedelic arrangements, strung out with a forgotten sort of psychedelia, ala the Zombies, and tinted with slight hues of surf-pop and deep shades of noise-rock that get you spinning; May’s nancy-sinatra-swoons and graceslick-like barbaric yawps swallow you whole and send you spiraling down the edges of Federico Fellini’s forgotten side reels.

These songs instantly warp you to a specific time and place where no corner of geography goes unpainted. Whether you’re charting by foot through the Syrian Desert, or you find yourself stumbling down a back alley at midnight having just puked out a bottle of Jameson, when you listen to May McDonough & Company you imagine a greyscale world where plot lines are meaningless and sunglasses still look cool.

Now May McDonough & Company are currently working on their sophomore album “bullyboywithaglasseye“. In the meantime you can catch their new single ‘Hell is for Lovers’ in all digital stores now!


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