Gilbere Forte

Before recently signing to Epic Records, Gilbere Forte split time between Los Angeles and Philadelphia, Gilbere Forté preparing his latest body of work, PRAY. Led by the haunting Fiona Apple "Every Single Night"-sampled song and visual "Pray". Soon after, news of Gilbere's free agent status began to circulate throughout the music industry, and record labels were in hot pursuit.

The week following impressive showcases at SXSW, Gilbere announced via his Twitter that he signed a new deal with Epic Records. He would go on to release the aptly titled PRAY mixtape on May 15th, 2013, and has begun work on his as-yet-untitled major label debut album.

Fallen from the frigid streets of Chicago, Nylo is a newly emerging artist thats causing a little bit of a stir. Through soulfully sparse 808's, fragile falsetto confessions, and a bit of a dirty mouth, a new genre-bending soundscape arises. Driven by the polarizing influences of rap and classical music, Nylo lands in a new space that has been described as The Weeknd meets Aaliyah. After the release of her four song EP, Memories Speak she is back in the studio finishing an exciting full length record, to finish the story she began. Let your shoulders relax, slow down... and listen to Memories Speak, as you remember the sounds of honesty.

Luke Christopher

We all know the stories about the dopest and most prolific MC’s eating, sleeping and living in the studio. Luke Christopher, a 19 year old, LA-based rapper, singer, songwriter and producer, has already begun to make this story his own Luke’s first records were cut in a makeshift studio that he built under his bunk bed, drawing inspiration from diverse artists such as Stevie Wonder and Kanye, Common and Coldplay. His sound is unique and innovative, but at the same time has the feel good element of the old school soul records he sometimes samples. With song-writing skills powerful enough to write for the likes of Usher and John Legend, and production soulful enough to attract the likes of Common, he is slowly but surely redefining what it means to be a true artist.

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