Badfish, a Tribute to Sublime, Disrupt and Design, The Fat Peace, Timberwolf

Badfish, a Tribute to Sublime

The phenomenon known as Sublime, arguably the most energetic, original and uniquely eclectic
band to emerge from any scene, anywhere, ended with the untimely death of lead singer, guitarist
and songwriter Brad Nowell in May of 1996. But encompassing the sense of place and purpose
long associated with Sublime's music, Badfish, a Tribute to Sublime continues to channel the
spirit of Sublime with a fury not felt for some time. What separates Badfish from other tribute
bands is that they have replicated Sublime's essence, developing a scene and dedicated
following most commonly reserved for label-driven, mainstream acts. Badfish make their mark
on the audience by playing with the spirit of Sublime. They perform not as Sublime would have,
or did, but as Badfish does.

The Fat Peace

When the New York cold sets into your bones, and the tropical sands and ocean breeze seem so far away… look no further. The Fat Peace is a four-part reggae/funk/rock collective that will warm your ears and jive those dancing feet. Hailing from equal parts upstate and the greater metropolitan area, The Fat Peace brings a mondo slice of Jamaican rhythm to hungry mouths at all stops in between. A phoenix risen from the ashes of the disbanded reggae/rock outfit King Koala, childhood friends and guitarists Alex "Dunks" Gideon and Zach Schepis forged ahead, joining forces with bassist Justin Rovtar and drummer Jon Comulada, to create this exciting new project. The recipe of sound: an ample dose of island groove, sprinkle some bluegrass, a cut of rock 'n roll, a hearty scoop of the blues, with a dash of classical Indian for good measure. The band is currently in the studio at work recording their first E.P. They are soon to embark upon a spring tour.

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