NIL8 Acoustic

NIL8, very likely the longest-running, continuously together rock band in Springfield area history, continues to draw crowds, produce original music and entertain at a magnificent level after some 25 years on the local scene. With the brother team of Jeff Williams (guitar, vocals, songs) and Bruce Williams (bass) leading a long and illustrious parade of a who’s who of area drummers and lead guitarists through the years, (positions currently occupied by Wes on drums and Damon Soper on guitar), the quirky quartet has no equal in the really alternative rock music arena in the capital city.
-Tom Irwin


Born from a need to express their disgust with the world today, GRIM is a mixture of driving, fierce, and heavily emotional music with catchy rhythms and big open melodies. GRIM is life, and life is GRIM

My God, the Heat

A little slice of Midwestern punk rawk rock n' roll for the peoples.

OH, you need more? You want us to describe us to you with data, keywords, HTML and otherwise? Well, you see (and read), if Tom Waits, Buddy Holly, and The Buzzcocks all had sex, they would call this ill-gotten' love child: MY GOD, THE HEAT. Say it to yourself, start quiet, repeat, and get louder each time you yell our name. Say it, "MY GOD, THE HEAT." Say it louder, undress your lovers and think of us.

Midnight Dreary

Aggressive Thrash, with beats you can jump to, powerful melodic hooks and guitar riffs that will get your adrenaline pumping! This isn't your ordinary metal band, and we aims to keep it that way.

Taxi War Dance

Hailing from the small, industrial river city that is Peoria, IL. Taxi War Dance offers up emotionally charged music with attention grabbing vocals, blistering guitars, and a muscular rhythm presence. Members Jeff Talbert(vocals), Bela McKnight (guitars/vocals), Fish (bass/vocals) and Brad "Skinny" Kurland (drums) create enough headbanging anger to shock even the most cynical nihilist while mainta...See More

$10.00 - $15.00

Tickets Available at the Door

Welcome Home to the Troops! Portion of proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Project. A $3 surcharge will be applied at the door for anyone under 21. VIP seating is available upon request. To request VIP seating, email

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