Richard Shindell

Richard Shindell

Of course we can't all agree on who the best songwriter is, but no one would dispute that Richard Shindell is in the running.

Shindell, a New York expat now living in Buenos Aires, has a habit of putting himself inside of different characters. In one song, a Confederate drummer-boy; In another, a Power Broker. Today, an INS officer; tomorrow Mary Magdelene. For Shindell there is nothing too sacred and nothing too profane. The ability to make any character relatable is one of the hallmarks of his songwriting, and speaks well of its mastery.

Shindell rose to prominance in 1997 after three of his songs (Fishing, Reunion Hill, and Money For Floods) were recorded by Joan Baez. He was subsequently asked to tour with her. In 1998, Richard briefly collaborated with Lucy Kaplansky and Dar Williams to form Cry Cry Cry, earning his place in the forefront of American songwriting.



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