Slava Balasanov is a Moscow-born visual artist and producer. The name Slava literally means "fame" and "glory" in Russian, and he tries to evoke this taste for glamor in his work. At age 12, Slava moved to Chicago, where he eventually co-founded Moment Sound Recordings, which continues to promote and curate visual and electronic music events.

Slava's music has been released on a number of labels, including Mathematics Recordings, Future Times, !K7 and Coral Records Internazionale. Last February he released the Soft Control EP via Mexican Summer/ Software. The EP illustrates his passion for clubby, house-inspired music. The label described the EP as “techno energy adroitly concealed within a stark matrix of interloping, chrome dipped footwork themes.”


Phèdre = Lovers from Monaco, raised in a cave of gold.

Loosely inspired by both Greek mythology (Phaedre, daughter of Minos and Pasiphë) and the Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazelwood duet "Some Velvet Morning", the seeds for Phèdre were sown in an attic, over three late summer nights and hundreds of bottles of cheap wine.

"The group's playfully dark, sweetly romantic, and often strangely affecting jams recall the warped AM avant-pop vibes of Ariel Pink, John Maus, Molly Nilsson, and the like, except these guys sound like they're genuinely having a blast all the time, and it's extremely infectious." – Chris Cantalini, Gorilla vs. Bear

"[A] mutant hybrid of several different types of sounds – of Montreal's freaked-out glam, the AM-radio baritone blur of Ariel Pink, and a dash of the cheekiness contained in Tom Tom Clib's "Genius of Love", for good measure -- but it's Phèdre's charming mash of these signifiers that make the song rise above mere pastiche." - Larry Fitzmaurice, Pitchfork

"With their heady mix of vocals (an awesome baritone among them), fuzzy production values and a taste for infectious rhythm, Phèdre seem to be making it up as they go along. So it follows that they've recorded one of the most exciting and skewed pop records of 2012 – end of." – Marnie Reed, Bowlegs

"The songs are undeniably pretty electronic pop, but also disorientating, woozy and vaguely unsettling: picture an artsy loft party where far too many are on LSD and removing clothing at an alarming rate." – Benjamin Boles, NOW

"[The] album is the classy-meets-trashy equivalent of chugging pinot noir straight from the box… Wickedly warped found-sound pop." – Erik Leijon, Montreal Mirror

"[O]ne can do nothing but feel helpless in the face of nearly perfect pop experimentalism." – Luca Morellato, Exclaim!

Erin Rioux (pronounced ree-yoo) is an electronic psychedelic record producer, performer, and curator based in Brooklyn, NY. His work under his last name merges organic instrumentation with technology, in a rhythmic and cerebral sonic environment.

Coming off a string of SXSW dates in 2013, Rioux released 'Spirit Calling/Miniatures' via Italian netlabel, Bad Panda Records on April 1st. The two-track release is Rioux's most soulful to date, bringing steel drums and spliced R&B vocals into the mix. His signature tones are still present (reversed guitars, self-made drum samples) but the space and minimalism allows the record to breathe more than past works.

Always one to keep busy, Rioux is finishing two forthcoming albums—one in collaboration with Trinidadian Astrophysicist and Jazz musician, Stephon Alexander. After an inspired chance encounter over coffee in July 2012, the two formed a creative bond, bringing topics in modern Astrophysics and Cosmology into musical interpretation at Erin's Brooklyn studio. The album, 'Here Comes Now', is due out late 2013 with art direction by Diego Cortez and a guest vocal performance from No Wave legend, Arto Lindsay.

Erin Rioux began making music at 13 when he acquired his first recording device: a 4-track Tape deck. Ever since, he's never stopped producing—developing a vast body of work along his path from his home in Metro Detroit to Berlin and New York City. Under his given last name, Erin began releasing records online in 2010 while attending NYU for production and popular music. His first physical release would be the audiovisual album, 'Everything You Need Is Right Here' (2011), a kaleidoscopic and eclectic debut full-length on vinyl and DVD formats.

In February of 2011, Erin moved to Berlin on scholarships and student loans, studying visual art and developing his music during a semester abroad. The city and its nightlife would deeply influence his next EP, 'Come On All You Ghosts' (2012). The record's single "Find The Reason", debuted on Prefix Mag and would receive a preliminary Grammy nomination for Best Dance/Electronica Single.

After finishing school and beginning sessions with Stephon Alexander, Rioux launched his monthly party series, CONNECT: Explorations In Electronic Psychedelia in October 2012 at the contemporary music space, Le Poisson Rouge in New York. The series—now on its 5th event—has been host to the likes of Chrome Sparks, Blackbird Blackbird, and Maria Minerva, with an ongoing residency at Ran Tea House in Brooklyn. In an interview with The Creator's Project, Rioux's explains his guiding outlook: "we're not victims of a changing industry, but rather the ones who get to change it! It's a very exciting time for young, new ideas."


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