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"Pictureplane is Travis Egedy, a 24-year-old electronic producer based in Denver. On his forthcoming album Dark Rift, Egedy takes various strains of dance music-- big room house most prominently-- and runs them through all sorts of scuzzy punk rock filters, bringing the music closer to experimental psych-rock. On the Best New Track 'Goth Star,' Egedy smears distorted bass all over an ethereal Fleetwood Mac sample, creating something that sounds wrong but all the better for it." --Pitchfork

James Ferraro

To pursue an acting career as a soap opera Star as James Ferraro ® Simulacra Company was the ultimate 21st century dream for James Ferraro, a dream that was forged on a note pad under the cyber skies of Manhattan's slick midtown metropolis to become a world-famous hyperized living puppet of our Post modern civilization, acquiring the world's media stage as a canvas, in the form of a glossy pure entertainment POP machine.

The approach to assembling his acting style was to be a theoretical expedition through the virtual landscape of Tabloid Cultoure, The Linguistic Consequence of Modern Decadence and Digital/Mega Entertainment Age Sexuality Persona … to name just a few sources of inspiration, and of course for it all to be captured on the flawless $1,000,000 TV cameras of the entertainment industries' major studio Networks. But where to assimilate to the aforementioned theories? HOLLYWOOD HERE WE COME BABY!!

"My ideas from New York had flowered in the most violently magical way, as I entered what we Hollywoodologists call 'The Floor' (HOLLYWOOD GROUND ZERO) . . . and this led to outlets beyond my wildest imagination, seeing beyond the institutional buildings of the worlds Entertainment Center," says Ferraro.

"Whilst wine tasting in Napa valley with my Mother, on a tour through Simulacra's wine country . . . in the red convertible PT Cruiser and watching a giant Hollywood Blockbuster intermittently on the on-board DVD screen between wineries, I was so excited and inspired by the leading actors performance that I decided to leave the world of acting to FOCUS more dramatically on a venture to be a recording artist.

"I became completely obsessed with Bach's Concerto for Oboe and Violin in C minor. As it blasted from the speakers of the PT Cruiser, spilling out into the open air, I indulged in an ecstatic delirium that was colored by a sweet subtle victorious madness, ideas flooded my mind, blood coursed through my veins, Smart Water™ oxidized my brain . . . thoughts of Napoleon at the Olive Garden, Julius Cesar reading poetry to me . . . I started to fully investigate these two artistic individuals almost exclusively at this moment, scanning what historic memory I had available in my brain. When I arrived home I ran into my humble chamber and got to work."

Ferraro has since released countless MUSICAL RECORDINGS on various record labels hailing from The U.S.A., The United Kingdom, Japan, Europe and beyond. A critically acclaimed artist of the 21st Century POP ART wave, the man with the moon-lit pompadour now teams up with Hippos in Tanks to create the next chapter in his on-going sonic adventure, in which, Ferraro explains, "The results of this relationship will see a new era in Art History."

Gatekeeper (DJ)

Chicago/NY electronic duo

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