Obituary, Mutant Supremacy, Skullshitter, Strong Intention


Beginning their career as Xecutioner in 1984, Obituary remains one of the most influential and groundbreaking bands in the death metal genre, one which they helped to create. Hailing from the sunny state of Florida with a bevy of bands with a decidedly un-sunny take on metal Obituary along with Death, Morbid Angel, and Deicide, combined hyper-speed guitar riffing, complex arrangements and guttural screams to create a bleak and violent soundscape that defined a genre. Unlike their peers though, Obituary avoided the more common trappings of this style of music shunning the Satanic bent of the lyrics and the breakneck pace of the dual guitar assault.

In 1989 Obituary released their debut album, Slowly We Rot, a death metal milestone. Brilliant in both its complexity and brutality, Slowly We Rot gave us but a glimpse of things to come. They followed it up in 1990 with Cause of Death, which saw Allen West replaced by former Death guitarist James Murphy (Cancer, Disincarnate) and bassist Daniel Tucker replaced by Frank Watkins (Hellwitch). 1992 saw the release of The End Complete and showcased the talents of a band clearly at the top of its game. With the departure of Murphy and the return of West, The End Complete is vicious and tight ripe with intensity. In 1994 death metal fans were treated to both Don't Care and World Demise. After a three year hiatus, Obituary returned with Back from the Dead, proving that old habits die hard . . . and heavy. Back from the Dead was unrelenting in its power and craftsmanship, proving once and for all that the band that started it all could still do it the best.

Now the band returns with Anthology, a retrospective of their ten year career as death metal masters! Over ten years, half a million albums sold and almost 500 shows later . . . Obituary close the coffin on a decade of death.

Mutant Supremacy

Mutant Supremacy formed in 2007 after Atakke guitarist Sam Awry met drummer Robert Nelson at a Vital Remains concert. Together with guitarist Glen Syzmanski they recorded demo versions of their songs in the Summer of 2008, and with Robert's brother Jesse on bass played their first show on Oct 5th 2008. Shortly after, permanent bassist Winslow joined and Daniel Satanas replaced Glen, who had to leave due to personal obligations. The new lineup recorded 2 songs in August 2009 for a split e.p. with Cleveland's Nekrofilth, due out this year on Iron Bonehead(Ger.). The band has recorded a full length recording at Full Force Studio(Suffocation, Catastrophic, Internal Bleeding), engineered by Joe Cincotta. The album, entitled "Infinite Suffering" will be out on cd and vinyl this summer. In May 2010, Curtis Johnston replaced Daniel as second guitarist. Mutant Supremacy plays Death Metal the old way, raw, hateful, and uncompromising. They have shared the stage with such acts a Nekrofilth, Metallion(Can.), Bastardator(Can.), Slaywhore, Gigan, Lecherous Nocturne, Landmine Marathon, Cannabis Corpse, Deceased, Soulless, And Whiplash. They stand ready to unleash their apocalyptic vision of a tragically flawed human race signing its own death warrant on the metal masses, and will not stop until all have been left bloodied and broken in their wake. You've been warned...

Strong Intention

Formed in 1993, STRONG INTENTION continues to deliver their own brand of thrash/grind hardcore/punk fueled by extreme speed, heaviness, and disgust. The band's earliest incarnation found itself heavily Influenced by classic NYHC outfits such as AGNOSTIC FRONT, BREAKDOWN, and the CRO-MAGS. Gradually writing faster and faster material, the band released a debut 7" EP in 1996 on Crucial Blast. Through the years, the band's sound has shifted more and more towards the harshest ends of the underground extreme hardcore grind/thrash / metal spectrum, as well as cultivate a thoroughly apocalyptic worldview.

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