Kill Madonna

Krystin Lillie, Alex Majewski, Scott Reeves, David Mihaljevic, Blain Crawford


The Swindlers

Boston Rock n Roll Band consisting of Bruno Giordano, Anthony Giordano, Colin Dwyer, and Scott Sugarman.

Clara Berry and Wooldog

Wooldog is sometimes many people but is mostly just Joe O'Neill. Berry and O'Neill grew up on the coast, in Southern Maine and Boston's South Shore respectively. They met while studying music in the skeletal remains of America's industrial revolution (Lowell, MA) and found that their styles complimented each others' perfectly.

Henceforth they began to play, delving into newer and stranger sounds with Berry's feather-like vocals atop O'Neill's precise punctuation. They started with Berry's songs but it would soon be unveiled that O'Neill himself was a great songwriter, so they sing his too.

$6.00 - $8.00


Start times may vary, headliners always go on later than openers. Openers and Headliners subject to change without notice.

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