The Gregory Brothers

The Gregory Brothers

The Gregory Brothers' unique musical stylings and comic rapport was largely formed when Evan, Michael, and Andrew began making zany mix-tapes in their living room in Radford, Virginia as tiny babies. These (sadly lost) seminal works of musical comedy gently gestated for a few years until 2007, when the brothers joined forces with a bright-eyed lass from Texas. This musical collaboration with Evan's wife, Sarah, was forged in the fiery crucible of an un-air-conditioned van during a summer tour that year. These sweaty bonds shall never be broken. After having experienced the elation of sharing their original country & soul, folk 'n' roll tunes with several dozen people on that home-grown, 50 show tour, they began making their wildly viral YouTube series, "Auto-Tune the News" in 2008. Their meager hope was that several dozen more people would bump their rumps to C-Span if it thumped with a bass line and a beat. While they continue to work on making their YouTube jams, The Gregory Brothers now tour the country speaking at colleges, playing at rock and comedy clubs, and are in the process of making a pilot for Comedy Central.

Key Of Awesome

The Key of Awesome is a magical musical comedy show featured on the Barely Political channel. In 2009, Ben Relles and Mark Douglas had the crazy idea to create The Key of Awesome just to blow your mind. Like it was nothing.

But it wasn’t nothing! The show’s first big hit, the parody Ke$ha, Glitter Puke, was the 2nd most viewed video of 2010 and now has over 90 million views. In total Barely Political has been viewed over 1.3 billion times, and the Key of Awesome over 600 million times.

The Key of Awesome videos are directed by Tom Small who is capable of creating other planets out of cardboard among other amazing special effects miracles. Todd Womack joined the team in 2010 as a writer and performer on the Barely Political channel and started doing a better Pitbull impression than even Pitbull does.

KoA loves spoofing celebrities, pop-culture and the latest Internet memes. We like to throw in an occasional original song by comedic maestro Mark Douglas just to keep things spicy.



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