The Hoover Dam Collective Residency, Box Cutter

An Evening with The Hoover Dam Collective

The Hoover Dam Collective was formed by a group of students from the arts conservatories at Purchase College, SUNY in New York State. We are students of world-renowned arts conservatories – including programs in theater, visual arts, dance, film, and music – who are particularly interested in interdisciplinary work.

We were awarded a grant through the state of New York to put on a collaborative sh...ow highlighting the value of art in today’s society. We based the show off of a series of interviews with professionals in the art world, as well as the general public. We were interested in the role, if any, that art plays in peoples’ lives. The show took place in March 2010 on the Purchase College campus, and was a huge success. So much so that we are continuing to create work and produce events in New York City, as well as in and around the tri-state area.

Box Cutter

To kill time before the pending Apocalypse, three guys formed a group around the idea that music can simultaneously be a tool, a weapon and a sexual innuendo, all at once. Upon this startling and frenetic revelation, Box Cutter was born, built and bastardized. The rest, as they say, is bullshittery.
Mike Miller - Guit; Jonathan Pomeroy - Bass/Vox; David Sprinkle - Drums/Robotics

Open mic songwriter workshop


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