The Hollyfelds

The Hollyfelds

Once there was a grown man who lived in a closet.

Well, it wasn't a real closet. He only used the closet as a secret entrance to his underground lair of steam tunnels where he was able to pursue his interests in math and science with no interruption from the outside world.

And he wasn't a real man, only a character in the 80's teen movie "Real Genius."

What is real is that more than 20 years after the film was released a band in Denver would name themselves after this memorable character. His name was Hollyfeld... Lazlo Hollyfeld.

Lazlo's Denver descendants, calling themselves The Hollyfelds, departed from the musical style of the 80's film they took their name from and instead went for a more traditional sound...a country sound...a neo-traditional country sound (tempered with a hefty dose of folk and Americana and just a touch of bluegrass, all anchored by solid pop hooks).

The Hollyfelds (henceforth referred to as "we" or "our") started with a marriage and then moved on to other instances of destiny. How we all came together is pretty boring. Husband and wife musicians...blah blah blah...met boy and girl musicans...blah blah blah...remembered poker buddy musican...bob formed.

Marty Jones

Since 1997, Marty Jones has been stomping out barn rock and true-grit country for the good people in Colorado and beyond. His sound blends early country, hillbilly bop and back-porch blues and rock into a beer-soaked hybrid.

Hangman's Hymnal

Braden Rauen- Violin, vocals, guitar

Mark Rossi- Vocals, banjo, accordion, guitar

Dave Lamothe- Upright bass

Matty Boehm- Drums and percussion

Sean McIntyre- Guitar and vocals

Jesse Mitchell- Mandolin

The Prowling Kind

In regards to 5-piece Indie Blues-Rock band, The Prowling Kind:

"What this band has, is the power to move you. They do so through delivering songs that could be defined by multiple genres in a way that maintains the consistency of their sound. Their influences are: Loretta Lynn, Buddy Holly, Beck, the Black Keys, Fiona Apple, Jack White & Jimi Hendrix, which actually sums it up nicely." -Mitchell L. Hillman, Java Magazine

In regards to the concept behind their debut album, Tennessee:

In fear for her life, Norah took her then-3-year-old daughter Mickey Louise and fled her home in Knoxville Tennessee. Mickey's convict father was hot in pursuit, causing them to live in hiding for the next 15 years.


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