On the Cover #3: Bob Dylan's "Blood on the Tracks" performed by Adam Goldstein

On the Cover #3: Bob Dylan's "Blood on the Tracks" performed by Adam Goldstein

hosted by Westword's Josiah Hesse

In the past five years, Adam Goldstein has carved a niche for himself as a solo folk, variety and comedy act in the Denver metro area. A featured performer during the weekly burlesque shows at Lannie’s Clocktower Cabaret, Goldstein bills himself as “Denver’s Only Singing Irish Jew” and performs traditional Celtic folk songs made famous by acts like the Clancy Brothers, Tommy Makem and the Dubliners. Goldstein is also a featured guitarist for Potcheen, one of the state’s top Irish rock acts.
A Colorado native, Goldstein refined his approach to folk, Celtic and rock styles during years spent abroad in France and elsewhere in Europe. A local journalist and music critic, Goldstein also plays regular gigs outside his role as an Irish folksinger, having appeared in the Denver Press Club’s annual “Gridiron” event, as well appearances at venues across the metro area.

Roger Green

Born and raised in Denver, I started playing in bands as a teenager with Patrick Park and Sera Cahoone. I then joined the Czars for a few albums, then quit to work on my own music. Sometimes it's spacey, floaty, dreamy; other times it's folky. I change according to my environment. My most recent workd have been a composition for 25 typists and 5 musicians presented a the Blemar Laboratory of Art and Ideas in Lakewood Colorado in September. I also appear on the Blossom half of Ron Miles' Stone/Blossom album which was released by Sterling Circle Records in November 2006. It's my finest recorded work. I am also working on a second solo album to follow-up last years self-titled debut. In November of 2004 I resigned from the Czars in order to work on my own music. For six years, the Czars was my main project. I was fortunate enough to work with Simon Raymonde and Giles Hall in the studio on The Ugly People vs. The Beautiful People (Bella Union / Manifesto 2001). During my tenure with the band we also recorded Tim Buckley's "Song to the Siren" for a tribute called Sing a Song for You (Manifesto 2000), soundtrack music for the film "I'd Rather Be...Gone"(2000), X Would Rather Listen to Y EP (2002), and Goodbye (2004). I feel lucky to have opened for / played with Sixteen Horsepower, Woven Hand, Munly and the Lee Lewis Harlots, David Gray, Low, The Flaming Lips, Elf Power, Imperial Teen, Ron Miles, Violet Indiana, Hem, Devics, Joe Sampson, Porlolo, Patrick Park, Heirloom, Scout Niblet, Red Cloud, Cowhause / Janet Feder, Momen Terra, and probably a lot more I'm simply forgetting. Over the years I've worked on numerous projects that dealt more with sound textures than with song writing. I have a deep interest in improvisational music as a result of mentors like the tumpeter Ron Miles who really opened this world up to me. I like a lot of ambient music and free improvisation, especially when it doesn't sound improvised. For the past few years, whenever I played solo I would play this kind of music, usually for art galleries etc. Some of this is documented on my recordings with Tyler Potts and Ann Angyal from our group The Way Things Go. Improvised music was a good release from the normal song structures of the Czars at the time, and it allowed me the opportunity to come up with new sounds for the band. Now that I've left the band atmosphere I'm trying to find a real balance between songwriting and soundscaping. In order to do this I've had to start simple and analyze myself as a songwriter. Last fall I made a split cd called What Would This Be For? with my wonderful friend Erin Roberts from Porlolo. This gave me some momentum to begin my current, self-titled project. In December, engineer / producer Colin Bricker and I selected a band from some of the greatest players we knew in Denver. I wrote out charts and the band (without rehearsing) showed up and plowed through most of them in one day. I've used these basic tracks as a canvas and added lots of guitars and other stuff too. The band is: Marc Dalio - drums Erik Deutch - keyboards Eric Thorine - bass Glenn Taylor - pedal steel Kal Cahoone - back-ups myself - guitars and vocals



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