Kitty Crimes Tour Kick Off/ Werk Out Palace DVD Release

Kitty Crimes (DJ Set)

Self-produced and diverse in talent, Kitty Crimes oscillates between her resonance with chest-puffed Rap and the vulnerability that exists in the lush soundscapes of R&B. A description would be incomplete without referring to more subliminal influences of groups including Dirty Projectors, James Blake, and Soko. An unbridled synthesis of these elements is reflected through the saturated beats, and...

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Press Quotes
"People emit so much love and give off an incredible amount of energy when Kitty Crimes is performing and that’s a beautiful thing. She draws the crowd inward and delivers a ferocious bang." -Tobias Kraus// Truly Rejected

"We think Kitty Crimes is deliciously sinful and we fully endorse this kind of behavior." -Denver Syntax

"Denver's Kitty Crimes is the poor man's female equivalent ... to the thoughts and the consciousness of "Yeezus." - Sean Moeller// Daytrotter

Werk Out Palace

Live action aerobic realness.


We were hesitant about writing about Harpoontang's show at the Lion's Lair last Friday, lest we taint the young, impressionable minds of a certain unnamed band's fans. I mean, imagine seeing a group of gals who normally sing songs your grandparents would adore, crooning words, with such sweet and pure honeyed-voices, that would make Andrew Dice Clay blush. We're talking crass, NC-17 worthy songs. Hubba, hubba.
Frankly, we just wanted to keep the images of that show (and the girls wearing mustaches) in our back pocket, saving them for a day when we needed to something to smile about. It was pretty damn funny show, though, and we completely admired those gals. We'll spare you the details here in terms of what, exactly, they sang about, but suffice to say, the part we can tell you: they offered up a damn fine take on TLC's "Waterfalls."


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