Pushing the Sun

Pushing the Sun

“Melodic hard rock” — it’s often used, and perhaps overused, term to describe music that’s sonically heavy yet instantly memorable. For rock band Pushing the Sun, “melodic hard rock” means music in transition — constantly evolving and rich in dynamics.

“We really enjoy bringing the tones down to super-clean and then back up to roaring walls of distortion and driving beats,” says guitarist/songwriter/founder Billy Connally. “We don't ever want to become too predictable or be a band that only has one sound. Finding that perfect balance of musicianship and songwriting has always been my passion. Just because I can ‘shred’ on guitar doesn't mean I need to do it all the time. Melody, groove and atmosphere are more important to me.”

Field of Stones

Described as a whiskey-rocking, riff pounding, powerhouse of a band, FIELD OF STONES taps into various styles of music to deliver their brand of hard rock/metal. Influenced by bands such as Black Sabbath, Pantera & Alice in Chains, FIELD OF STONES is heavy enough for the guys but has a melodic edge that the ladies enjoy.

Damaged Souls

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