Bourbon and Burgers (and other fine spirits)

Bourbon and Burgers (and other fine spirits)

Your dad’s hot dogs and light beers are cute, but it’s time to crank up the heat on American cuisine. How does a Bison burger with some Booker’s Single Barrel Bourbon sound? How about salmon burgers with a bracing side of Baker’s? World Cafe Live at the Queen Food and Beverage team take their bourbon and burgers pretty seriously; so much so that we’ve created a quarterly dinner event with live music and a fun atmosphere that can’t be beat. Yeah, we’re not messing around.

Each dinner, created by WCL Executive Chef Joe Deamer, consists of four burger courses each paired with a delicious bourbon that’s been carefully selected to create a savory meal you won’t soon forget. Says the Burger Club of Philadelphia, “…the staff was excellent, the burgers were delicious, and each whiskey was unique and new to me. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and I’d encourage anyone to attend an event like this at World Cafe Live in Delaware.”

performing The Karmic Repair Company

John Lennon warned us: “Instant karma’s gonna get you, gonna knock you right on the head.” If you’re looking to avoid that kind of karmic comeuppance, look no further than the Karmic Repair Company. Think of them as the contractor who can fix you up a feel-good, hip-shaking, classic-rock dance party. And that can come in handy when the weekend rolls around.

The Karmic Repair Company is a trio, and right away you notice their impressive instrumental chops. You might be thinking about outfits like Cream, the Jimi Hendrix Experience and the James Gang. Sure, you’ll hear all of those influences in KRC’s live shows, but there’s more to The Karmic Repair Company than that.
The band is Graham Ford on lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, harmonica, dobro and cigar box; Eric Worthington on lead vocals, bass, keyboards and melodica; and Todd Zieseniss on drums, percussion and gamelan. The variety of instruments and buoyant vocals give The Karmic Repair Company a range of musical colors and textures to work with that surpasses the power trio palette---they’re equally adept at bluegrass, reggae, pop-rock, dance-rock, blues, progressive rock, jam-band music…you name it.

The Karmic Repair Company plays a lot of songs you know and love - but always putting their own stamp on everything they tackle. They also play some songs you won’t recognize; songs that just may end up being your favorites from their shows. Those would be their original compositions---catchy, melodic and danceable.

The Karmic Repair Company is a brand new band with a vintage sound and loads of experience. Graham Ford and Eric Worthington have been playing together for over two decades, and they have forged a musical chemistry that approaches telepathy.
Todd Zieseniss has traveled the world amassing his vast array of percussion instruments and building a rich and exotic vocabulary of musical beats.

If you get a chance to see Karmic Repair Company, don’t pass it up---everybody can use a little extra good karma. And just so you’ll know, the people who see this band tend to keep coming back for more.



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