Murrieta, THE DEER LEADER, Mimelight


Formed in 2010 in the heat of the Arizona desert, Murrieta is comprised of six friends who love to write music. With each member claiming a wide range of tastes and influence, the band tactfully creates a sound unique to its own.


Known for their energetic live shows, and proclivity to dispense ice cream sandwiches to their fans, The Deer Leader is a product of various local bands that have their origins in the Phoenix area. After disbanding the punk/blues band, Space Trash, to create their own brand of high energy blues/punk/bluegrass/ska-influenced music, Deer Leader was born. Combining hypnotic guitar/sampling prowess with massive riffing have given the band a unique ability to transcend musical genres, often within the same song.

$3.00 - $5.00


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