"Slothrust is the perfect soundtrack for brooding on a gloomy day and would be a good way to psych yourself into finally telling your boss to go fuck himself (please exercise caution for the latter). Melding clean, bluesy guitar riffs with lo fi, scratchy vocals, the trio from Bronxville is strangely reminiscent of Morphine... only not really. Listening to their music can actually be a little confusing, sometimes feeling so familiar that drawing a comparison becomes irresistible, though nothing really fits." - The New England Deli

Family Vacation

Made up of Temple students Matthew Kerr, Luke Harsel, Cody Bluett and Adam Shumski – at least one of whom is a music student or at least has access to the practice rooms in Presser Hall – their song “Waiting Clouds” rocks a fierce drumbeat and bass groove, guiding you into a five minutes of watery Youth Lagoon-ish production and breezy My Morning Jacket-esque vocal tones. They’re a new enough group that their influences are still very apparent, but that’s the cool thing about it: if the band already sounds this good while it’s still working to find its voice, imagine how great it will sound a little ways down the road. Download the track below, and keep an eye out for more from Family Vacation this fall. --The Key

Bella Russia

Avant-Indie Instrumental Experimental

Great Red Spots

Grundge-inspired fuzz rock.



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