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We are Chateau Marmont from Paris, France. We produce music and play live music. We also set a label called Chambre404.

Chateau Marmont est un groupe de musique électronique constitué à l'origine de quatre Français originaires de Tarbes et installés à Paris : Raphael Vialla, Julien Galinier, Guillaume De Maria et Angy Laperdrix qui quitta le groupe début 2012.
À sa création en 2005, le groupe possède un style rock qui sonne 70's et utilise déjà abondamment les synthétiseurs analogiques qui constituent leur marque de fabrique. En 2007, le groupe est repéré par Steve Lamacq, DJ de la BBC, grâce au morceau Only Diamonds1.
Ils évoluent progressivement vers un style plus électronique avec des morceaux comme Planaerox et Solar Apex. Ils se mettent à remixer des morceaux de groupes proches d'eux : Koko von Napoo, Poney Poney ou encore Axe Riverboy.
Mais c'est leur remix des australiens de Midnight Juggernauts 2 sur le single Into The Galaxy qui va résonner dans les télévisions puisqu'il servira de "coming-next" au Grand Journal de Canal+. Ils se rapprochent ainsi du label Institubes sur lequel ils sortent, en février 2009, leur premier maxi, Solar Apex.
Ils se font ainsi une réputation de remixeurs (La Roux, Heartsrevolution, Ladyhawke, Peter, Bjorn and John, Royksöpp).
Alizée fait appel à eux pour produire son quatrième album, Une enfant du siècle qui sort en mars 20103.
Leur deuxième EP 4 titres, Nibiru, est sorti en mars 20104.
Leur premier album The Maze est sorti le 27 mai 2013 en France sur leur label Chambre404. Il a été conçu et enregistré dans le studio parisien du groupe (où se déroulent également les expérimentations de leur propre label, Chambre 404 – sur lequel on retrouve Exotica, Glass Figure, ou encore Stella Le Page).

Shon Sullivan : vocal / guitar / keys
Bryan Bos : drums / vocal
Katy Stone : bass / vocal
Nicole Verhamme : guitar / vocal

Since the release of his band's 2002 debut Blue Swan Orchestra, a KCRW favorite that

featured guest vocals by Elliott Smith on "Summertime," Shon Sullivan's Goldenboy has
trekked incessantly on the road, supporting the likes of Bright Eyes, Neil Finn, Stephen
Malkmus and Grandaddy. For most of these shows he was doing double-duty as well,
playing multiple instruments with Finn, the Rentals, Eels and others on tours across the

Goldenboy had come about when the late Elliott Smith took notice of Sullivan's
multi-instrumental skills in the LA-area band Spain and quickly drafted him into his band.
During his time with Smith, Sullivan began developing his own material, which would
eventually become Blue Swan Orchestra.

A hauntingly lyrical batch of indie-pop brilliance that inevitably bears traces of
Smith's influence, Blue Swan Orchestra was recorded with Sullivan's longtime drummer/
vocalist Bryan Bos for the B-Girl label; Blue Swan Orchestra was reissued in October
2012 on the Eenie Meenie label. Its follow-up, Underneath the Radio (2006), found
Sullivan and Bos in a gloriouslyunclichéd outpouring of nostalgic melancholia and
blissfully melodic invention; they're joined by a stellar crew including Neil Finn, Lisa
Germano, Sebastian Steinberg and Weezer's Matt Sharp.

Glowing under a low flame fanned by Sullivan's expansive arranging gifts, the
evocative Sleepwalker (2011) was recorded with current band members Katy Stone on
bass/vocals and Nicole Verhamme on guitar/vocals.

The New Familiar is the latest Goldenboy album, and it's pretty much what it sounds

like: Goldenboy takes the best of rock & pop's past and blasts it into the future.
Says Sullivan, "When people ask me, 'What do you sound like?,' I have to think.
A little bit of Belle & Sebastian, a bit of heavy guitar riffs that really go off, then with
some atmospheric, dreamy '80s kind of stuff? We're not really indie-sounding, but we're
not too pop-sounding, either. We have our own genre: The New Familiar."
Sparely drawn yet cinematic in scope, The New Familiar plays like a fond voyage
through the '60s-'90s classics canon. Yet in (non)traditional Goldenboy style it's loaded
with sonic surprises –– little twists of the unexpected chord here, an odd time signature
there, and everywhere the goosebumping wisp of suggestive instrumental texture.

Tracks like "The Walking Song" lavish with breathy male and female voices astride
keyboard/synth drafts that build in measured intensity, while the meditative "One of
My Moods" and lighthearted "Today Is the Day" and "Steal Your Face" flicker across
Sullivan & Co.'s own ever-shifting emotional terrains. The airy shiver of "The Right
Chemistry"'s tremolo guitars and the punchy piano of "Soho's Empty" refer obliquely to
a past-it pop life, recalling what's come and gone with a wistful yet hopeful air.

Recorded and produced at Sullivan's Silverlake studio, The New Familiar saw the

forever-touring band sharpening up songs they'd developed over the past two years'
cross-country adventures. And in sculpting music that can easily translate in a live
setting, they've created a piquant sound of quiet urgency and jovial buoyancy that owes
both to the group's affectionate –– and ESP-like –– bond with each other.
"We just keep going, and living in the moment," says Sullivan. "When you do
that, you become really happy."

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