Mogollar -Legendary Turkish Pychadelic Rock Band


Moğollar (Mongols in Turkish) is one of the pioneer bands in Turkish rock music for about 40 years and one of the founders of Turkish folk rock (or Anatolian rock). The major goal of the band is to prove that folk music has a multi-layered soul and folk music's dynamism is very close to pop music's dynamism


BARAKKA, a band founded by Baris Kaya in 2003, is a Turkish & Middle Eastern folk rock band that blends traditional instruments such as Oud, Dumbek, Djembe, Baglama with the Western rock sounds of bands such as Boston, Savatage, Megadeth and Pink Floyd. Baris was born in Turkey and started singing when he was nine and introduced to guitar at the age of fifteen with no traditional training. His passion has always been to combine the hard-rock Western influences that he became so addicted to as a teen, with the Middle Eastern influences that surrounded him growing up. Supporting Baris is Roger Mgrdichian, an oud player who performs regularly in various and diverse styles of Middle Eastern music (Armenian dance music, belly dance accompaniment, classical Arab and Turkish music, Turkish folk and Arab pop) both locally and regionally with several different ensembles. Percussionist Joe Tayoun started playing in Philadelphia at his parents renowned Middle East Restaurant with many internationally-celebrated​ Middle Eastern musicians, where he became adept at the many styles of drumming within these different traditions. Joe also performed much of this repertoire with an ensemble at the Nile restaurant in Philadelphia, and with other ensembles locally, nationally, and internationally. Instrumentation includes William Tayoun (keyboards),all veterans of the local middle east music scene, as well as Jim Hamilton on drums and Chris Marashlian on bass.

While the Barakka band is still recording their debut album here in Philadelphia, the first single, Agit, (featuring former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza) continues to receive widespread airplay on Turkish mainstream radio. As well, Barakka were very well received at the 2008 and 2010 Philadelphia Turkish Festival, Italian Market Festival, Alternative Fringe festival,Penn Museum Concert Series,Tin Angel shows, Mehanata Bulgarian Bar(Manhattan) shows,Cin-M-art Space NYC and several New York Turkish radio shows..



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