Light Years

Light Years is a pop punk band from the cleveland and North East Ohio area. Influenced by Blink 182, The Get Up Kids, and (old) Saves the Day. They just signed to Paper & Plastick Records, which will be releasing their debut full length LP June 16th.

Model Citizen

Model Citizen is an up-and-coming trio hailing from the Mile-high city. They distill their wide-ranging musical influences into high-energy sets that combine pared-down, raw, rockin' instrumentals - often in funky time signatures - and covers of some of the best alt. rock from the last three decades. This is three brothers, with over 40 years of combined musicianship, who have been developing and honing a unique sound that's ready to be heard. They are old enough to be your parent, so listen up, do as you`re told, and go head bang with them! The world is ending soon and they are still rocking while they can.

The Punchline Kids

$8.00 - $10.00


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