EPMD is an American hip hop group from Brentwood, New York. The group's name is a concatenation of the members' name "E" and "PMD" or an acronym for "Erick and Parrish Making Dollars" referencing its members, emcees Erick Sermon ("E") and Parrish Smith ("PMD").

The group has been active for more than 20 years (1986–present), and is one of the most prominent acts in East coast hip hop. Diamond J, DJ K La Boss, and DJ Scratch were DJs for the group.

Hailing from Long Island NY, EPMD's first album, Strictly Business, appeared in 1988, which featured the underground hit "Strictly Business," based on a sample of Eric Clapton's version of Bob Marley's "I Shot the Sheriff." The group's brand of funk-fueled sample-heavy hip-hop proved to be a major force in the genre. Unlike old school hip hop, which was originally based on disco hits but eventually became more electronic, EPMD bases its music mainly on lifting funk and rock breaks for samples and helped to popularize their usage, along with Marley Marl and Public Enemy. "You're a Customer" combined snippets of Steve Miller's "Fly Like an Eagle," Kool & the Gang's "Jungle Boogie," and the bass line from ZZ Top's "Cheap Sunglasses." "Jane," about a romantic rendezvous turned bad, would be revisited on no less than five sequels; a first for hip-hop, and, perhaps, rock and roll as well. "You Gots to Chill" used 1980s funk band Zapp's "More Bounce to the Ounce," which has become one of the most enduring sample sources for hip-hop. "I'm Housin'" was covered some 12 years later by Rage Against the Machine. Managed early on by Russell Simmons' RUSH Management, the group toured with such hip-hop luminaries as Run-DMC, Public Enemy, and DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince.


Following their musical heart, The J. Davis Trio continues to thrive. They thrive not only because of their connection to real hip hop and jazz music, but also because of their ability to grow and change. Started as trio, they now have as many as 8-10 people on stage, utilizing many types of instrumentation and styles. Their independence has allowed them to explore and incorporate from unexpected sources, resulting in a sound uniquely their own. Began as an actual trio with Julio Davis/vocals, Dave Smith/bass & Tone Aimone/drums, they realized that in order to play live, they needed another element. Paula Pergl came and provided flute for awhile. When she left, she was soon replaced by long time member, mulit-instrumentalist, Dave Winer. The J.Davis Trio arrived on the Chicago scene with their debut eponymous album, The J.Davis Trio, in 1999 where they created national buzz with a North American tour that included famous Chicago venues like The Metro, The House of Blues, the historic Green Mill Jazz club, and many colleges in the midwest. Tours to the east coast, the CMJ Music Fest in New York, down to the SXSW Music Fest in Austin, TX., to L.A. soon followed
Their next album "The New No. 2" released in 2002 reflected a leap in their development and saw them working with many great Chicago artists. Rappers like Cap D from All Natural and Juice made an appearance, as well as musicians like Jeff Parker from Tortoise and Paul Mertens of The Brian Wilson Group. This effort was well received by critics:
"These four local musicians bill their inventive sound as "rap music for the rest of us". Think of it as Chicago's answer to the fluid, jazzy musically challenging hip-hop of the Roots, and revel in the smart, sexy grooves of their solid debut* album."
-Jim Derogatis Chicago Sun Times.
""This local hip-hop outfit--a quartet, not a trio--makes it's backing tracks the hard way, getting their grooves mostly from real bass and drums. Ron of Japan's trumpet skitters around them, but competes only slightly with rapper Stuart's lucid poetry, which would give these guys an edge even if they used samples."
Monica Kendrick Chicago Reader.
The band released their next album, "These Things Happen" in 2007.
This project saw them reunite with Julio Davis' original rap crew, Chicago legends Stony Island, as well as vocal and musical cameos by Poi Dog Pondering front man Frank Orrall.
In 2011, they returned with their most ambitious recording to date, "Vintage".
The J.Davis Trio has shared the stage with acts such as:
The Roots, M'shelle N'degleocello, Ozomatli, Reuben Wilson, De La Soul, Maceo Parker, Norah Jones, Groove Collective, Talib Kwali, Shinehead, The Greyboy Allstars, Karl Denson, The Pharcyde, Black Eyed Peas, Tortoise, Living Colour, Poi Dog Pondering, and Modeski, Martin and Wood.

Deep Fayed

Deep Fayed's self titled, debut EP hopes to bring a raw new sound to the Hip-Hop genre, and will not stop there. Often taking turns into heavy drum and bass instrumentals and re-imagined folk tunes, Deep Fayed's six song EP will keep you listening again, and again. The group's live performances do not waver in delivering the goods. Called a "heavy hitting", "all star" group of Chicago musicians, Deep Fayed brings unmatched energy to every show. The band is leader/guitarists, George Wundsam, rapper/vocalist, Binkey, bassist, Matt Wilson, on keys/vocals, Cole DeGenova, on kit, Makaya McCraven, and on sax/vocals, Caroline Davis. Deep Fayed has performed at Double Door, Subterranean, Tonic Room, Beat Kitchen, Lincoln Hall, and more of Chicagos acclaimed venues since their start in 2010. Keep an eye out for the June 18th release of Deep Fayed's first studio recordings. Produced by Chresten Hyde & Producer/Engineer Colin Sipos.

SamIAm the MC

The Southeast Side of Chicago native has a long track record of producing top notch Hip-Hop talent, and Samuel Simmons II (aka SamIAm) is the next burgeoning MC to arise from Stony's rich musical heritage.

In his short career to date, SamIAm has garnered more 'stripes' than most MC's earn in a lifetime. Beginning with a win at the 2007 Rhymespitters 4 Chicago All City Freestyle Battle (which had nearly 200 Chicago contestants), and after countless battles at the legendary 606 Open mics and sessions at The Note, SamIAm's talents were finally recognized by the National media & industry. It was only a matter of time before he became the 5-time champ of BET's 106th & Park Freestyle Friday. And after being retired to Freestyle Friday's Hall of Fame, he was a finalist on MTV2's World Rap Championships for 1 Million Dollars.

But despite his formidable skills in the battle rap arena, SamIAm is more a true Hip-Hop artist who's deft at freestyles. His real passions can be found on record. SamIam has 2 full lengths under his belt (Refreshing & The Taste), & one mixtape "I WANNA MC 4 U!".... And on the local scene, his high profile battles haven't changed that fact that he's Chicago to the core.

Fully committed to furthering the city's 'true freestyle' scene, SamIAm has hosted numerous parties all over Chicago in Wicker Park, Wrigleyville, Uptown, and more.

The mixtape "I WANNA MC 4 U!" and long awaited album "COOLER BY THE LAKE" will be available on I-Tunes very soon.

SamIam's current single/music video "SMACK" from the "I WANNA MC 4 U!" (all original production) Mixtape:

Stay tuned for the upcoming album Cooler By The Lake!

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