Formed in the summer of 2010, then went through lineup changes and scrapped all our old songs. Current lineup/sound since December 2010. How you durn?

Drug Church

Members of Self Defense Family/End of a Year on No Sleep Records.

Drug Church is the sound of "some college" and a delivery job. It's what happens when you strip any pretense from music and are left with a room full of dudes with weird bodies and tenuous futures.

Pulling liberally from Seaweed, Quicksand, and Kerosene 454, the band fully embraces its hardcore-dudes-trying-to-play-alt-rock influences.

No heavy trips about how you should live. No white-guy slam poetry about love. Just music you can pushpit and stagedive to so you can forget for a moment that you have eczema and work at Pizza Hut. ACTUAL punk music for ACTUAL disaffected weirdos.

-Cory, Chris, Patrick, Nick

Worst Case Ontario


St. Louis, MO pop punk band with many influences. If you are interested in booking us drop us a message, we check the book daily.



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