Peek-A-Boooooo Halloween Revue!

Peek-A-Boooooo Halloween Revue!

The Peek-A-Booooooo Halloween Revue is back and deader than ever! Their brand new bag of burlesque tricks is filled with dancing Martians, a corpse bride, a GLAMpire Queen tribute, and more treats than your fangs can handle. Join the ladies of The Boo as their garish ghouls, Joey Martini and Count Scotchula, host an evening far superior to bobbing for apples. Meanwhile, the wickedly ravishing Marlene Merlot and The Striptease Orchestra will play tunes to make you go bump in your seat. The Peek-A-Boo Revue doesn’t get to have ALL of the fun. Dress up and enter the costume contest. Prizes will be awarded!

Since 1998, in Philadelphia PA, one troupe has kept the spirit of cabaret, burlesque and all-around “showbizzy-ness” alive by presenting a new show each month — The Peek-A-Boo Revue! An adults-only pastiche of singing, dancing, and comedy all wrapped up in a Burlesque Show!

Starting humbly in The Five Spot niteclub as a variety show created by the owner Phil Cohen, who also sheparded the group as its producer and staunchest ally, the show grew rapidly. What started as a Wed. evening affair would blossom into 2 shows every 1st Sat. A show freshly-minted EACH Month!



GA SEATED. Philly's premier neo-burlesque troupe is performing their first ever spook-tacular cabaret show! Celebrate Halloween with The Peek-A-Boo Revue!

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