Iron Chic, RVIVR, Nude Beach, Giant Peach

Iron Chic

Melodic, anthemic punk from Long Island, NY featuring some of the folks that brought you Small Arms Dealer, Latterman, Capital & Jonesin', only this time with a more heavy Satanic influence. Iron Chic are not real. Dead Broke Records.


RVIVR is a four-piece punk rock band from Olympia, Washington. They are known for energetic live performances, touring, and defense of gender-equality during their shows.

They are notable for taking a DIY ethical stance and having released their two full length albums RVIVR and The Joester Sessions Collection LP, as well as their EPS Dirty Water, Derailer, and Live Moves, as completely free to download.

Erica Freas - vocals/guitar
Matt Canino - vocals/guitar
Bex Berryhill - bass
Kevin Rains Barry - drums


Life Moves 7" (2008)
Derailer 7" (2009)
RVIVR (2010)
Dirty Water EP (2010)
The Joester Sessions Collection LP (2011)
Belebend 7" (2011)

Nude Beach

Nude Beach is Chuck, Jimmy and Ryan playing music together. They started in the fall 2008 in the city and then made some records and stuff. But never mind that, this band holds several important titles here in our hostile city of Philadelphia. First, they are the only band Jeff Ziga (ice cream mogul and recent podcast interviewee) promotes shows for; and second, the last time they played here, they broke Grace Ambrose's arm. Which means they're DANGEROUS and DANGER is COOL. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Ryan was also in DUSTHEADS who were the best band to ever play Disgraceland. Yes, even better than Partysaurus Wrecks. "See you in the pit! -- Rancid"



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