In Early 2007 A group of high school friends (Alex Hofmann, Scott Carstairs, Tommy Logan, Dan Wissinger, And Suliman Arghandiwal) from the east bay first started jamming and writing music. The initial product being both misguided and adolescent, the band played its first show on June 15th 2007 In walnut creek. The First 4 song Demo (which is and forever will be out of print) was released in late june of 2007. The songs "tyrant", "verdict", Schleicher", And "Infidel" were the first tracks to define the bands sound, which at the times was hardcore grind and death metal in the vein of The Acacia Strain, Converge, and Despised Icon.

Later that year the bands parted with their bassist Dan Wissinger due to other commitments and their drummer Tommy Logan as well. Brandon "Brando" Hoberg (ex-Vivisection) Joined on bass and Andrew Baird (ex Someones Lullaby) On drums. The band continued to play shows around the bay area and over time broke out into areas such as the Central Valley, Sacramento, and Central Coast. In Winter 2007 The band recorded their 2nd demo (Which is and forever will be out of print) at TWS studios in Vacaville. The songs "Prophets", "Tyrant", and "100 Years From Now" pushed the band further in the realm of musicianship and well rounded song structure. The songs were released January 2008.

After nearly a year of playing songs from previous recordings, the band had done quite a bit of growing musically and began writing their debut EP which was eventually named "Leper Colony". Prior to recording, the band parted ways with their original singer Suliman for personal reasons and guitar player Alex Hofmann took up vocals and Rob Maramonte (ex-Eviscerated) joined on as a new guitar player. The songs were a huge leap forward on maturity as the band truly defined their own sound blending technical death metal, black metal, and atmosphere while still retaining a heavy and energetic vibe. The band Recorded with Sam Pura of Panda Studios in San Francisco. The Songs were released in January of 2009.

The band expanded its conquered territory and reputation greatly in the months after The Release of "Leper Colony". The band ventured from Chico, Fresno, Bakersfield, and in the summer of 2009 the band embarked on its first legitimate tour with Oakland's Antagony. The band toured California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. The bands came home successful after over 2 weeks of basement shows, parties, and van breakdowns.

Fallujah has since evolved to be one of those most aspiring and respected SF Bay area bands. The band evolved once again both musically and lyrically with songs concerning Satanism, religious fundamentalism, secret societies, nature, and social fallacies. With imagery provided by Artist and Singer Alex Hofmann the band progressed visually as well to a finely tuned machine. In late summer 2009 the band started writing their 2nd EP taking their largest leap forward combining atmospheric and depressive black metal, progressive death metal, and fusion to truly define a unique sound unlike anything else heard in the underground music scene. With the help of mini labels "Grind-house Music" and "Foot & Mouth Records" the EP is to be released worldwide. The band once again evolved in form with the parting of longtime bassist and guitar player Brandon Hoberg and Rob Maramonte due to musical and personal differences. The band took in Anthony Borges(ex-Scourge of Medusa, Valkyrja, and Suffokate) and Danny Farhoud (ex-Scourge of Medusa and Valkyrja). The band will be embarking on a month long US tour with friends Rise of Caligula and plans to release its next album in January 2010.


Sidian is a five-piece death metal band from California that was formed in late October of 2010 by a group of musically inclined friends. Shortly after the band formed, drummer Chris Fuentes, bassist Danny Farhoud, and guitarist Wyatt Sharp had completed their first song. It later came to be Yersinia Pestis, named after Anthony Palermo who had then became their front man. After 6 months of vigorous writing, they released their debut 4 track demo "El Sol Tace".

In 2012, after parting ways with their drummer Chris, they teamed up with drumming prodigy Alex Bent (Arkaik, Decrepit Birth) and recorded a single 'Eternal Bloom of Lamenting Dawn' with Zack Ohren of Castle Ultimate Studios. Although this brought a high amount of attention to the band, this praise was countered by Danny having to leave the band in an effort to pursue his career. Fortunately enough, current bassist Wesley Wojcik immediately brought himself to the bands attention. As well as an incredible set of bass shredding skills, he also introduced the band to both its current lead guitarist and drummer, Luke Farmilo and Luis Martinez (Oblivion). This perfect storm of musicians is now currently writing their 2013 EP which will include their 2012 single.

Be on the lookout for shows!


Created in 2011 by Cameron Almasi. Urethral is a brutal death metal band that tries to put no limits in its style and direction. Mixing elements of slam and technical death metal, Urethral is seeking to be the perfect balance of both styles.

The Human Contortion

Representing NorCal (Hayward, Ca.) - The Human Contortion is a five piece Deathcore band comprised of close friends who all went to Tennyson High School. Formed in 2010, founding members Sergio Gutierrez (vocals), Ivan Vasquez (guitars) and Carlos Salguero (bass) quickly solidified the line up with Roberto Sanchez (drums) and Monty Sandhu (guitars).

In 2011, the band went right to work, performing, building a fan base and writing their five song EP, “Cannibals,” which hit hard, bringing THC to the forefront of the NorCal scene.
Because of the band's quick growing success, The Human Contortion earned the opportunity to perform with Molotov Solution, Volumes, Casino Madrid, Leaders and many others.

Even though they are a new band by some standards, The Human Contortion commands the stage and its audience by performing at an extremely high level, with unrelenting energy and brutal breakdowns which WILL make you move, guaranteed. The Hardcore scene is alive and thriving in NorCal, no doubt it’s because of Artists like THC.

Eyes of Mara

Forming in 2010, Eyes of Mara came together as a group of friends who love to play music. In coming years of experience and minor line-up changes, they've come together as a solid unit. After acquiring the new ensemble, and vigorous dedication to writing new material, Eyes of Mara recently hit the studio. They present to you now, their newest EP; Condemned. Enjoy.

$10.00 - $12.00


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