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The music of Gemini Club relies heavily on science and technology, but it's human chemistry that has sent the Chicago-based electronic trio into orbit. Ever since Dan Brunelle, Tom Gavin and Gordon Bramli got their heads together three years ago, they have synthesized songs that are equal parts rock 'n' roll mettle, disco delirium and compositional genius. Beyond their songcraft, though, the trio has forged a bond with its footloose following in live performances that push the boundaries of dance music convention. Using specially designed gear — the band's own "Gemini Capsule" is in development — Gemini Club actually points its rigs toward the audience and plays its instruments rather than hides behind laptops and pre-programmed tracks. "We want to appeal to a rock crowd and to a DJ crowd," Brunelle says. "It's about expanding the palette of what a musical project can be, and not from behind a curtain like a lot of electronic performers. Eventually people are going to get sick of how detached they are from the audience. So we want electronic music to be something you can rock out to, to create a raw experience with a not-so raw instrument." Says Bramli: "We love the fact that we are a pretty transparent band. Our mistakes are pretty apparent onstage, but so are our successes." The rigs themselves are a gearhead's dream — sequencers and synths with LED displays into which note patterns are programmed and then triggered. The trio is doing more than pressing "play"; it's eliciting notes and chords as a guitarist would. And the band's equipment not only allows for improvisation and on-the-fly remixing, but the process virtually guarantees no two Gemini Club shows are alike. "I love rock records and seeing bands play shows," Brunelle says, "but the coolest thing I find about electronic music is designing your own system. Imagine if every rock band had to design and build their own guitars?"



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