Phil Libin - CEO of Evernote



Phil Libin is the Founder of Evernote Corporation and has been its Chief Executive Officer since June 2007. Mr. Libin is a successful engineer in his own right and started his career helping develop software for ATG, Exchange Applications and EF. Mr. Libin Co-Founded Corestreet, Ltd., and served as its President. Mr. Libin founded and served as the chief executive officer of Engine 5, a Boston-based Internet software development company. He served as Principal Architect and Chief Technologist for Applications of Vignette Corporation, responsible for product strategy. At an early age, Mr. Libin was active in the Apple, Atari and Commodore hobbyist scene and taught himself programming from magazines. During this time he helped transform the core products from a set of proprietary technologies to open standards. He evaluated potential companies for acquisition, and coordinated with top customers and partners.

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