80's Themed Concert and Fashion Show | Music by: Introvoys, Lezayr, Vicki HL


Introvoys is a Filipino rock band now based in Los Angeles. It was formed in 1986 by 3rd-G Cristobal, Paco Arespacochaga, and Jonathan Buencamino.

Their 1989 debut album, called "Back to the Roots" was a "diamond in the rough". After two duds for singles, Dyna Records, which was the band's label, was ready to drop them. However, fate had a different plan. "However Which Way" which was the band's third single shot all the way to No. 1 in Metro Manila in just 2 weeks. After a month, the ditty became the country's No. 1 song thus paving the way for a national tour for the Introvoys. Culled from the same album are certified No. 1 singles such as, "Calling All Nations","Maynila" and "Lullabye" among many others.

LEZAYR is a California based band best known for their distinctive alternative sound and bilingual lyrics. They have shared the stage with well known Mexican bands like DLD, Elefante and Zoé. It's debut album "Listen to the Faces" has been well recieved and portraits the energy of the band. It's current line up has been together for 3 years and their sound is influenced by the styles of bands like Foo Fighters, U2, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, 30 Seconds to Mars, Coldplay, Soda Stereo, Heroes del Silencio, Led Zeppelin, Oasis, etc, constantly evolving and changing. Their lyrics will make you sing along and enjoy a musical banquet (dessert included).

Founded in Guadalajara, Lezayr began as a workshop/project led by Alex Ayala and had the sole purpose of collaborating with different musicians. In 2002 while attending the University of Guadalajara, Alex started writing songs on his own for Lezayr and eventually put together a band. Alex began putting his poetry to music and after his first few shows quickly gained a small but devoted group of fans. Alex's songs revolve around the experiences he's had and witnessed; focussing on interpersonal relationships and the internal geographies of those involved. Love, hate, despair, hope, jealousy, confidence - it's all there in Lezayr's layered, unique sound. The band curent lineup includes lead guitarist Jon Pritchard, drummer Paul Harris and bass player Saul Aguilar. The band enjoys special collaborations with percussionist Dylan Johnson from time to time.

Lezayr currently has 20+ original songs, and is continuing to write more material, and record whenever possible. Their first EP, "Guide Me", was released in 2009 and can be downloaded for FREE from www.noisetrade.com/lezayr, and the single of the same name from their website. Their long awaited debut album "Listen to the Faces" was released in August 2nd, 2011. The album includes 11 original tracksand is the proud result of years of recording experience (it was completely self-recorded and produced) and a musical evolution for all the band members. Alex Ayala explains the album as "a collection of life experiences. I think everyone has been in a similar situation at one point of their lives at least once, and I think people can relate to that. At the end of the day this album is about the music".

Vicki HL

The multi-talented Vicki sings with local musicians in Fresno and is involved in a number of projects that include acting, singing and modeling.

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