HEATSICK, Maxmillion Dunbar, Aurora Halal

Heatsick is an British artist and musician living and working in Berlin. His work references cybernetics, extended disco edits, minimal composition, linguistics, early house and techno, hybridization, performance, sculpture and video.

Maxmillion Dunbar

Maxmillion Dunbar is one half of Beautiful Swimmers and the don behind the Future Times record label. A background wound around MC skills and a side hustle DJ'ing disco, Dunbar first tried his fingers at programming hip hop beats, eventually introducing his rogue breed of house music to the dance world.

Aurora Halal

Aurora comes from Washington, DC and lives in Brooklyn, NY.
She has worked as a video editor at Vice, and is now freelance with many projects including video, photography, organizing dance parties and playing music in the band Innergaze.

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