Daikaiju, Single Shot Sinners, Robert Childers and the Luciferian Agenda, The Monterreys


Daikaiju (die-kie-joo)

Who is the Daikaiju??? Premium action heroes deliver most high rocket music! Special reverb skill combo for full impact! Loud sonic boom for earful pleasure!

Beautiful radiation of hyper-dimensional springy sound creates divine psychic wind for your special protection.

Worship Psycho-surf band Daikaiju daily for good luck and health!

Single Shot Sinners


Robert Childers and the Luciferian Agenda

Percussive Luciferian Gospel / Psychedelic Folk Noir / Apocalypse Rock / Honky Tonk / Hillbilly Liberty Pickin'.

The Monterreys

Mutating through black matter and the vortex of time, Monterreys will sweep you into their sonic spectrum of sound, and transform you forward into the past, or onward, to another galaxy. The reverb drenched, 6-string mayhem, is courtesy of Johnny "Rocket" Stewart, and the driving, raucous rhythm of Jason Dickey, is matched, in fury, by crazed bassist Leon Daniel, to form a wall of virgin and vintage voodoo to create HEAVY SURF.



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