The Freeway Revival, Jeremy Davis, Funky Geezer, Jym Chapman

The Freeway Revival

The Freeway Revival is a band that was forged on the road. A very extensive schedule of touring has built a band that has developed an archive of original material as well as a strong chemistry and stage presence.These long hours of travel and the shows that lay in between built a hard working band and a brother hood among its members . A passion developed for making and performing creative original music which has led to the desire of constant improvement and the spread of the band's name and reputation.

At the first listen to The Freeway Revival's classic rock, blues,country, and jazz blend, the ears are reminded of a time when music was about things that people could understand and relate to as well as enjoy. In a since, the music from a generation ago is reborn and performed with the same passion and feeling that left such a definite mark on the hearts and souls of the past. Weather it is a live performance or a recording, The Freeway Revival is sure to bring not only a consistent high quality of music but a high quality of entertainment. Once you hear the beautiful guitar harmonies, subtle vocal harmonies, accompanied with an assortment of beautiful piano and organ melodies,the spell is cast and the listener is pulled into a barrage of classic sounding, everyday living music.

The band has had an extensive history of development. Previous names and members have come and gone but the band always seems to find new ways to develop and improve. Many opportunities such as opening up for bands like Kansas and Story of the Year, and other local bands like Ashleigh Chevalier and Kevin Mac, have also come and have all given The Freeway Revival the experience of learning and playing music, as well as the experience at performing on the stage.

All three original members were raised in Culpeper, Virginia. The band was formed out of high school friends who shared a passion for learning and making music. Two of the members, who are also twin brothers, started their performance career as musicians who played at church. All have learned to share the same love for music.

In the last year, the band has taken steps to achieve success. In early June, 2011, The Freeway Revival(formerly Same Ol Sound) moved to Asheville, North Carolina and has since been building a new band and a new following. Since this move the band has performed many live shows and has started on their first record. New members have also been added as the sound and proficiency of the band continues to develop further . Through the growing pains of learning and developing and touring, these now four brothers of soul have made their way onto playing everything from small acoustic coffeehouses to main stages.

For The Freeway Revival, it is all about the music, setting the bar high, and getting out there and making it happen. Lead Vocalist Adam Clayton says "Our lives shows portray what we are, we want to be the best we can be." Even as they share in the new successes they are still grounded as a hard working band with an intense desire to improve and become a top attracting and touring act.

Jeremy Davis

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Funky Geezer


Jym Chapman

Jym Chapman & The Migrant Workers are a Roots-Rock/Americana band from Charlotte, NC. A focus on socially conscious lyrics paired with a raw, guitar driven sound provide a little more edge than a typical Americana band. Influences range from Tom Petty and The Black Crowes to Bob Marley and Bloodkin. The band has shared the stage with some of Charlotte's top acts, including David Childers and the Overmountain Men, Temperance League, Sinners & Saints, Amigo, The Black Hounds, Motel Glory, and the Mike Strauss Band. The new EP, "Little Pieces" can be purchased on the groups' Band Camp page at: htttp://

Fate and coincidence are strong forces. Some would argue that they are really one in the same. Whichever it is, it was these forces that brought Jym Chapman(vocals/guitar) and Rick Sichler(drums/vocals) together 8 years ago in a prior band, Blue Static. After the demise of that project, it was time for what had been only an idea to become a real band. Rehearsals began, songs were crafted, and something different from anything Jym and Rick had done before began to take shape. Around this time, fate intervened again, introducing Kevin Snyder(bass/vocals). With the stripped down three-piece format of guitar, bass, and drums Jym Chapman & The Migrant Workers had taken shape.

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