The Casualties, Negative Approach

The Casualties

"The Casualties formed in 1990 out of a desire to return to the heyday of punk, an era that hung on into the early '80s and then started to fall by the wayside in favor of the very early grunge movement, as well as hair metal, synth pop, and new wave. But the band's lineup was far from stable in the early days. The initial lineup consisted of singers Jorge Herrera and Colin, drummer Yureesh, guitarist Hank, and bassist Mark. Even this inaugural lineup was shaky, with Colin stepping out for several months to finish his education, and Rivits singer Rachel stepping in to take his place. During this period, the Casualties put together a demo. The following year, the core lineup consisted of Colin, Jorge, Yureesh, and Mark. The band added guitarist Fred when Hank dropped out, and went on to make an appearance on the compilation Benefit for Beer. Soon more changes were in the works, with new guitarist Fred heading off to school. C Squat's Scott temporarily filled Fred's shoes until he returned a short time later. During this period, guitarist Hank came and went a second time. Another guitarist, Steve, also played briefly with the group.

The Casualties stabilized long enough in the fall of 1991 to put together an EP, 40 Ounce Casualty. By the following year, the band was touring frequently and building up a fan base in their hometown of New York City. In 1993, however, more shakeups were in the works. Guitarist Fred and bassist Mark were out, and Jake Kolatis and Mike were in to take their respective places. The following year, the band appeared on another compilation, Pogo Attack, and put together a second EP, Drinking Is Our Way of Life. The four-track EP was never issued but later was incorporated into the band's 1999 release, Early Years: 1990-1995. Stability remained elusive, and drummer Yureesh and singer Colin dropped out. Shawn stepped in to take Yureesh's place. The group put together a third EP, A Fuckin' Way of Life, in 1995, the same year that Rivits drummer Meggers (aka Mark Eggers) took Shawn's place.

More tours of the U.S. and Europe followed in 2000 and 2001, along with the albums Who's in Control?, Stay Out of Order, and Die Hards, the last marking their debut on Side One Dummy. On the Front Line appeared in February 2004; two years later, the Casualties preceded Under Attack's late August release with a main stage slot on the Vans Warped Tour." - Linda Seida, AllMusicGuide

Negative Approach

Detroit's Negative Approach, along with Ohio's Necros, were the undisputed champs of Midwestern hardcore in the early to mid-'80s. Legend has it that vocalist John Brannon recruited drummer OP Moore and the guitar/bass team of Rob and Graham McCulloch at a skate park sometime in 1981. Lead by the bald-headed Brannon's hoarse wail, the band concocted an extreme sound devoid of frills that alternated between violent and mean. This was first fully documented in 1982 on their self-titled Touch and Go 7". The band released the more metallic-sounding Tied Down 12" on Touch and Go in 1983, but died out in 1985 as Brannon incubated the Birthday Party blues of Laughing Hyenas.
Unfortunately lacking the more widespread post-hardcore fame of peers Ian McKaye and Henry Rollins, Brannon's Negative Approach has not gotten the later-day due often accorded Minor Threat and Black Flag. Negative Approach was certainly as influential as those two bands, touching everyone from Poison Idea to Sonic Youth to Los Crudos, as well as entire generations of hardcore fans in Boston and New York. The band was also as original and extreme as any early-'80s punk outfit -- the rhythmic crush created by Moore and the McCulloch brothers continues to be an undeniable steel-toe to the face. An essential show and listen for anyone who wants to understand hardcore.

The Krum Bums

Amidst the chaos and confusion of Y2K, the dawn of the new millennium quietly summoned forth a new threat - a distinctly Texican force known simply as KrumBums. But they wouldn't stay silent for long…

Formed in early 2000 in Austin, Texas, The KrumBums featured Trae Martinez on guitar, J.V. Krum on bass, Chuck Bum on drums, and the larger than life Dave Tejas at center stage. Starting their assault on the Lone Star State with a handful of instant "classics," four years of ear splitting guitars and hammering rhythms have seen The Bums mature into a full blown modern hardcore attack that is reaching the rest of the world. Early 2003 brought second guitarist Justin Junk on board, and later that year Chuck said his farewells, leading to the addition of Ricky Felon on drums.

Besides playing countless Texas shows, big or small, city or town, The KrumBums have logged their share of miles and flat tires on the open highways. Tours with Cut Throat Hoods, Bob Murder and Strap Onz took the boys throughout the South and Midwest in 2002, and 2003's follow-up tour with Strap Onz along the West Coast and through the Southwest even included a stint supporting Slaughter and the Dogs.

Other bands who have shared the stage with The KrumBums include: T.S.O.L., Youth Brigade, Fear, Verbal Abuse, The Virus, The Casualties, Unseen, The Forgotten, Defiance, The Distillers, as well as many shows with local pals the Lower Class Brats, The Bricks and The Applicators.

As well as recording several demos and appearing on a few compilation albums, The KrumBums music has also been featured on ESPN's Bluetorch Television along with Conspiracy Skateboards. Their features on local television and radio programs have led to appearances in not one, but two films shot in Austin.

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