The Reunion

The Reunion

Nick, Corey, Zach and PA played in a band called "One Nite Stand" in 2002. In the midst of college and other obligations of life, the band was dissolved. But then after 7 years of being apart came a random text message from PA to Corey on New Year's Day of 2009 suggesting that they should "get the band back together". Corey and Zach had just finished a long tenured stint in "Mad Hornet" and were eager for a fresh start. It took all of about 3 days for the threesome of Corey, Zack and PA to start jamming. New material began to flow and the great chemistry was renewed. Then via a Facebook update of PA's, Nick found out his old bandmates were writing songs together. Nick expresed his interest and all of a sudden the foursome was reunited. Despite having nowhere to rehearse besides various hourly studios, the quartet clicked like clockwork right away. Knowing they had something very special going, they were all so surprised of how unlikely it was for them to even be in the same room again together let alone writing great, new material. Everything had really come full circle. It truly was a REUNION of dreams and hopes. . . And here we are.
Stay Tuned and Enjoy the Unlikely Ride . . .

Julian Bell

From banging on pots and pans, playing his toy guitar, and singing joyfully as a child, to now strumming melodious tunes to audiences across the country, Julian Bell from the suburbs of Washington, D.C, is a singer-songwriter with a passion for delivering music from the heart. His music is a fusion of sounds with influences ranging from percussive pop to expressive blues.

Julian Bell is an optim
ist and realist whose reflections on life are creatively communicated through his music. His songs express the things about life and love that we often take for granted or easily overlook. Julian's goal is to create music that people will love and enjoy listening to over the years. No longer just a visitor to Chicago, Julian can be seen headlining at festivals, playing at local stages, and local coffee shops.

Julian's love for inspirational and thought provoking tunes stems from his beginnings as a student guitarist for a worship team at a church where he and his family use to attend. Later, Julian would continue his love for music in high school by singing in musicals and playing for the school's worship team. Having a heart of compassion for others, Julian traveled to Guatemala with his school to help build a library for a children's orphanage, and was able to share his musical gifts to bring smiles to many little children.
Completing his studies in music and performance at Columbia College in Chicago, Julian has been steadily perfecting his craft. As he likes to say, "making moves" only comes by preparing for an opportunity. Julian competed and earned a finalist spot in the Open for Dave Barnes competition. Following that opportunity, Julian earned a coveted spot on NBC's second season of The Voice. While working on his first EP, to be released this year, Julian was approached about a new show produced by Queen Latifah titled, The Next, for the CW network. Julian earned one of four spots to represent Chicago in the singing competition.

Julian has released a single from the EP titled: Breakdown, available now at

Madeline Deveroux

Madeline Deveroux was born into her role as a musician - her singer mother met the guitar-playing father in a rock band. She has been exposed to music throughout her entire life. Originally, the lead singer of White Iris, she left the band to pursue her passion as a solo acoustic country-rock artist.

She has written over 100 songs, recording three which are featured on her first EP, "Have Faith in Fate". It will officially release in April 2013 and features her single "Whiskey Lover". She is currently working on her full-length LP and will release the album in December 2013.

She has been featured throughout Arizona, including performances at the infamous Marquee Theatre and national band hot spot Martini Ranch; add to that her many performances in the Los Angeles nightclub scene.



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