Old Monk

The two founding members of Old Monk were separated by thousands of miles when they began writing their first EP. It took years of swapping answering machine recordings and exchanging lo-fi demos over the internet to complete. The successful collaboration finally convinced drummer Ian Burns to leave his native Colorado, joining guitarist Joshua Carrafa in Brooklyn. The two honed down their project into a set of concise pop songs with the raw energy of garage rock and the musical proficiency of classic prog. Deciding they must showcase their new music around Brooklyn and Manhattan, the two enlisted bassist Tsugumi Takashi and dubbed their project Old Monk. Old Monk has recently recorded its debut album, Birds of Belize.

These Animals

New York City indie-pop quartet, These Animals, create a mix of dreamy pop and dance-able rock and roll. The band met while attending art school and began writing together in the early months of 2010. With keen pop sensibilities, their sixties-inspired harmonies sit comfortably on top of shoe-gaze guitar textures and toe-tapping rhythms. Cultivated from influences of friends and the city around them, there is something strangely familiar and reminiscent about These Animals’ music. Perhaps it’s nostalgia for a memory you wish you had.

The Grownup Noise

"The Grownup Noise not only deliver an outstanding performance, but know how to connect with their audience and remind you what it is like to be entertained!"
- Jaron Luksa, Production Manager: The Paradise Rock Club, Boston. Touring sound engineer for The Dresden Dolls

"Loaded with hooks upon hooks upon still more hook, this Beantown quartet delivers eclectic but impossibly catchy pop nuggets laced with poetic, thought-pro-voking lyricism."
-Seven Days Paper, Burlington, VT.

"It is rare to see a show where every song holds its own distinct pleasure, but The Grownup Noise delivered just that."
- Brandeis University Press

"They are, frankly, the kind of band REM could have been if they hadn't gotten so into themselves. This is a fine debut."
- Wildy's World.blogspot.com

"At home in both the rock club and the coffeehouse, the band also has this indie rock vibe that is, nonetheless, friendly, accessible, even earnest."
- The Schenectady Gazette

“Musicianship gets you only so far. One has to be able to create good songs. So many bands forget this! Not The Grownup Noise."
-Pat Keating, Insite Magazine

Golden Bloom

Golden Bloom has always been known for their sharp melodies, vivid guitar work, and intelligent, energetic songwriting; pop music that wasn’t afraid to ask listeners to think, as well as dance. Shawn Fogel launched Golden Bloom as a solo project, playing all of the instruments himself on 2009’s debut full length Fan the Flames, and 2011’s March to the Drums EP.
A cast of multi-instrumentalists joined Golden Bloom on tour, and in the process, they started becoming a band. “At first, I tried to have everyone recreate the sound of the records,” Fogel says. He soon saw that letting everyone bring their own sensibility to the songs made things more interesting. The live arrangements reshaped the songs, moving them away from the album versions. “I realized we’d be a better band if we applied the live band vibe to the writing, arranging, and recording.”
In June of 2012, Golden Bloom live band members Jeff Patlingrao and Josh Cohen travelled to Shawn’s longtime vacation destination of Southwest Harbor, ME where they holed up in a cabin in the woods to work on a new batch of songs. Joined by newly added drummer Justin Hofmann, the quartet retreated to Tarquin Studios in Bridgeport, CT, a facility run by Peter Katis (The National, Interpol, Frightened Rabbit). They produced the sessions themselves with the help of engineer Greg Giorgio. “Many of the songs were arranged collaboratively in the studio,” Fogel says. “The spontaneous energy we generated carried over to the music.”
Golden Bloom’s sparkling pop is still evident, but the EP also adds darker instrumental textures and lyrics that explore thorny emotions with keen insight and understanding. Chiming guitars and subtle percussion accents give “Flying Mountain” the jittery feeling of an anxious mind, but the sunshine breaks through with Fogel’s bright vocal and an uplifting chorus. Stately piano and shimmering guitars fill a vast sonic space to contrast Fogel’s quiet, down to earth vocal on “Deliver it for Me.” “Shadow of a Man” drops a first person fictional narrative into a tight little garage rock tune that’s a little bit twangy and a little bit trashy. “White Whale” shifts between dark but dreamy choruses and pounding power-chord verses. The EP comes to an epic close with “Lone Reporter”, which begins with a single acoustic guitar and slowly builds to a beautiful chaos of blistering guitars and bashing percussion.
Over the lifetime of the band, tastemakers like SPIN, Magnet, Under the Radar, and Daytrotter have praised Golden Bloom’s musical and songwriting prowess. Golden Bloom will be touring to support No Day Like Today for most of 2013.

Sleep Study

Assembled in 2011, Minneapolis rock quartet Sleep Study has lived up to high expectations set by their dedicated followers and the media. "Coupled with strong chemistry within the band and an updated '70s aesthetic as heard on their first single 'Flower Girl,' the group has been making waves since their formation last summer." (NPR – 89.3 The Current). The band has tackled the near impossible task of being relevant while nodding to heroes of rock's past.

After signing with boutique NY label Simon Recordings, their debut album Nothing Can Destroy was officially released August 2012 and immediately noted by Star Tribune writer Chris Riemenschneider as an album expected to "be on many local critics' year-end lists".

The band's formula is a natural cooperative of strengths from all members, combining Ryan Paul Plewacki's (vocals/guitar) brand of Brit flavored rock with Justin Hartke's (vocals/bass) jazz upbringing and Cory Eischen's (keys) extensive pop background. The calculated drumming of Alexander Young solidifies their retro sound. Each individual has a rich history in the Minneapolis and national music world. Collectively, the members of Sleep Study have shared stages and played on recordings with Al Kooper, Kid Dakota, Jeremy Messersmith, Owl City's Breanne Düren, Mayda, Bella Ruse, The Honeydogs, Minor Kingdom, Rogue Valley, and more.

In their brief existence, the young band has performed at premier venues and events throughout the Twin Cities, contributed to compilation albums with Minneapolis' finest and established musicians, had significant social media and Youtube presence, and is now preparing for a US tour to support their acclaimed debut record. Sleep Study's unapologetic dedication to their modern take on a 70's pop sound has them earning continued press from news outlets in their home state as well as The Austin Chronicle during SXSW.

And that's just the first year…

Virtual CH

Minneapolis Singer/Songwriter Chris Harrington triplicates himself on stage to bring you a three of a kind rock show. You'll witness CH perform choreographed sets in person and on screen. Whether CH is performing on stage or on screen, each instrument performance is unedited in order to deliver a true live band performance experience. Previous to Virtual CH, CH has released several recordings and videos, including the critically acclaimed You The Provider. CH currently produces records, music videos, and composes for film at his studio Clyde's Coal Chute. His most recent score contributions can be heard in the Movie Ghost from the Machine, now available on Netflix.

$8.00 - $10.00


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