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Welcome to the world of SkyCresT. We are a rock band based out of Raleigh, North Carolina. With a diverse group of influences in the band, our music is definately has a flavor all it's own. There's elements of hard rock, metal, blues, pop, and experimental. We just play what we want to hear and hope others like it. Here is a collection of our original music including some soon to be released tracks!

Spaceship Days

Just days before the Grammy's Spaceship Days took home the coveted title of "Best Pop Artist" in the 2012 Artists In Music Awards show held at the Key Club in Hollywood, CA.
The pop-rock outfithas been receiving attention for their 2nd album, Black Holes and Butterflies recorded at Afterglow Studio.
Spaceship Days blends digital guitar effects, full orchestration, timeless piano, acoustic solos, rich vocal harmonies, vivid mental images, and intricate mixing techniques to create songs that have mass appeal.

Mic Savvy

I am a proud family man. I am hip hop. I am also the VP of A&R at Block Starz Music

Shrive (Cary, Jordan, and -former bassist- Justin) met playing music together at a small church in Raleigh in 2011. Since all three grew up playing music with multiple bands, churches, and around town, it was inevitable they would end up writing music of their own. After Justin had to move to Iowa in 2012, Shrive was down to Cary and Jordan. While still looking for a bassist, they haven't slowed down one bit. Full of driving, rhythm guitars, melodies, and giant drums, it's clear they come from an era when grunge and alternative rock ruled music - it shows in just about every song. They are about to embark on recording their first full length record this summer.

Tim Galliher

At first listen one cant deny the haunting emotion that
fill's the voice of Tim Galliher. like a river flooding it's banks ,
the honesty in his story telling has a way of pulling you in and
not letting you go.
Born and raised in the rolling foothills of North Carolina Tim
has never been a stranger to Hard work. From the fields and farms
to mountain logging and construction sites, his work ethic was
forged from the sweat of his own brow, and remains the same today
even as a musician.
Tim Found his love for music early in childhood, and by age 17
had already earned his status as a Professional Drummer. And by age 22
has worked and toured with many notable blues and jazz artists, such as
Abe Ried Formally of the Blue Raggs and Jazz singer Nathen Hefner,
Tim also recently shared the stage Co headlining a fall festival with
Jim Avett father of the world renown " Avett Brothers ". With Tim's interests
always in different genres of music and instrumentation, when asked he always
reply's " I just always loved to play everything i could get my hands on, If it
made a sound, i was playing it . "
Taking a break In late 2003, Tim went on to marry and have children.
But with the tragic passing of his wife in 2009, the music quickly came calling again.
Originally writing and composing to heal open wounds the songs soon became
something bigger.
like a water faucet that cant be turned off, music constantly flows out as he
strives to tell his story and to let others in the world know they are not alone in their
troubles and fears. The raw lyrics, strong work ethic, and genuine emotion in
Tim's voice connect him with local audiences who are lucky to see him play live,
and with fans throughout the world

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