The Main Squeeze

The Main Squeeze

The Main Squeeze is a raging funk experience born within the thriving live music scene of Bloomington, Indiana. Since coming together in late 2009 The Squeeze have managed to establish a unique sound and identity in a short period of time. Their first studio offering entitled "First Drops," is a seven song EP released in early 2011 which showcases the broad range of styles and influences that each member brings to the table; from rock to jazz, funk to R&B, and hip-hop to electro.

While their first foray into the studio proved successful, the growth that has transpired within the group since its release has been profound. Their live performances, which fuse soulful vocals, intricate jams, tight grooves, and ripping solos have helped them develop a dedicated and rapidly growing fan base in the Midwest and the East Coast earning them slots at music festivals such as Summer Camp, Equifunk, Big Pig, and GlowFest. Their unique ability to tackle and funkify such a wide variety of music makes each show a unique experience in its own right.

The Squeeze still reside in Bloomington and have been hard at work compiling new music for their upcoming LP which they hope to release in early 2012. With a steady stream of unreleased material being tweaked and perfected at each show, its safe to say that they've have found their groove and show no signs of slowing down. If you've ever wondered whether the juice is worth the squeeze, you should look no further. The Main Squeeze is sure to be hitting a city near you sometime soon, leaving their crowd funkified and freshly squozen.

Musketeer Gripweed

# Gripweed is rambling, rolling, grooving, good times music. Their songs roll like the hills of the Midwest. They groove & climb like the Rocky Mountains where they are created, and they ramble like Ole Miss herself. In a word Gripweed's music is America in all it's wild glory. Underneath the depression in these hard times, underneath the bullet fast lifestyles we live today there is still an America that is real and free, that is calling us all back to live more simply and to care enough to bring others along with us on that journey. It's time for a REVIVAL and Musketeer Gripweed will make you TESTIFY!" Jon Jordan-NADY Press " Jon Jordan - Nady Press
5 brothas, friends, and music makers..... Ben-Bass Fishing, Bottom end, 5 Strings, dogs, find' yo ass! Ehren-Guitars, Pedals, Singin', Slide, that amp thingy with the touchy buttons Brian and Stu-skins, beats, word Matt Goldberg-keys, funk, piano, talent, greens! Jason-acoustic, dobro, slide, harp, soul singin' percussion, lyrics, positivityPeace Gripweed-family band, family vibes, no attitude, rants, raves, conquest of the empire, MUCH RESPECT, MUCH MUSIC! .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ....
The band, Dylan, Robert Johnson, Sonny Boy, Allman Brothers, Jon Lennon, Beatles, Ben Harper, Otis Redding, Black Crowes, many, many more!
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Look, we make original music from the heart. We out everything into our music, and as people, on a basic level, we are more driven to be friends that sell ourselves to the music industry. We have patience, mindfulness, and we care about each other and the people that enjoy our music. Musketeer Gripweed is unlike any other band, because our friendships and fun are the most important things we seek.....and the music happens because of this.....but here's more fo' ya iffin' ya want! Peace!.

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